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                Gelatin powder

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Product Description

 Gelatine is a flavourless, high protein powder and is commonly used as a gelling agent in food. It is typically white to light yellow in colour and is obtained from animal sources. When it is used for making cakes, it is simple, convenient and fast to use ,and does not require long immersion.It is a natural setting agent that turns liquids into gel. It's ideal for both sweet and savoury dishes such as jellies, desserts and more. The amount of Gelatine Powder required to set a liquid is dependent on the recipe and type of liquid.


The main ingredient;

Gelatin, carrageenan


 Use range;

It is ideal for soufflés, jellies, homemade ice cream, mousses, cheesecakes, terrines, flans and pies.


 Usage method;

Pour this product into cold water and stir well. Add other ingredients



According to the total amount of ingredients, the proposed use of 1% to 3%.











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