Многоразовые Sous Сумки Комплект для Sous мультиварки

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Product Overview





Product Description


Reusable Sous Vide Bags Kit With Vacuum Hand Pump For Anova/Joule Slow Cooker:


Bags Kit Includes:

1pc vacuum hand pump

10pcs ziplock vacuum bags 26x28cm

10pcs ziplock vacuum bags 26x34cm

2pcs bag sealing clips

4pcs sous vide holding clips


Vacuum bags sizes available:


Item# YL-271 (size: 220*210mm, volume: 1300ml)

Item# YL-272 (size: 260*280mm, volume: 3000ml)

Item# YL-273 (size: 220*340mm, volume: 3300ml)

Item# YL-274 (size: 260*340mm, volume: 4000ml)

Item# YL-275 (size: 300*340mm, volume: 6000ml) 


Material: PE/PA,food grade,BPA free

Thickness: 0.085mm

Zipper Top

LFGB,DGCCRF approvals are also available for this vacuum bag.


Product Features:

1. Keep food fresh 3-5 times longer than traditional storage methods

2. Save money by buying in bulk and pre-packaging individual servings

3. Reseal open bags of fruits,vegetables,bread and other foods

4. Protect against freezer burn, spoilage and odor

5. Pack lunches, leftovers, snacks or entire meals

6. Protect cherished photos and valuable documents

7. Keep charts, maps and matches safe and dry when boating or camping

8. Wrap cosmetics for travel to protect against spills

9. Prevent silver and jewelry from tarnishing

10. Ideal for sous vide cooking 


We can also make a sous vide starter kit as below:

1pc Vacuum Hand Pump

5pcs Reusable Ziplock Vacuum Bags(26x28cm)

5pcs Reusable Ziplock Vacuum Bags(26x34cm)

2pcs Bag Sealing Clips 

4pcs Sous Vide Holding Clips 

Of course,you can also make your own kit.


Pictures of sous vide ziplock vacuum bag:


Sous vide cooking


bag 2



manual pump

bag series




food-vacuum bag


vacuum bag using step

Comparison with and without vacuum





Factory pictures 

factory pic



Company Information

Company Introduction 

Dongguan Yulong Hardware & Plastic Co., Ltd.,founded in 2006,specializes in the R&D, production and marketing vacuum food storage systems for family use. Located in Dongguan,China,our factory covers an area of over 6,000 square meters, with a dustless silk-screen printing workshop, a dustless injection molding workshop and a complete quality control system. We have about 200 well-trained staffs, 20 engineers and technicians.


Our main products include mini handy vacuum sealer, vacuum bag, vacuum lid, vacuum jar, vacuum container and wine bottle stopper. Currently, our patented products have been sold to 50 countries and regions throughout the world and won a good reputation.


We warmly welcome the customers from home and abroad to make a field inspection of our factory and establish a long-term and mutually beneficial business relationship between us.







What is the Vacuum Food Storage System? 
The Vacuum Food Storage System is an innovative product designed to extend the shelf life of your food dramatically. It includes an unique hand-held Vacuum Sealer that removes air from the patented Vacuum Food Bags. Air out, Freshness in. 
How do the Handy Vacuum Sealer and Vacuum Food Bags work?
The Handy Vacuum Sealer works with the patented special Vacuum Food Bags with zip top and air valve.  Once air is removed, the Bag forms a tight seal around the food.  This system virtually eliminates freezer burn during freezer storage and retard oxidation & growth of bacteria, and keep your food fresh 5 times longer than other traditional storage methods.
Is the Handy Vacuum Food Storage System easy to use?
Yes, very easy to use, only a few steps.

1. Put the foodstuffs into the bag and close the zipper of the vacuum Bag ..

2. Place the Bag flat on the counter making sure there is no food above the  

Maximum Fill Line or under the Air Valve

3. Press Vacuum Sealer Tip flat against Air Valve.

4. Press the ON Button to remove air from Bag.

 Release ON Button when Bag becomes tight around food.


What is the advantage of your handy vacuum sealer, compare to other conventional countertop vacuum sealer?

1. Same function, but good quality,high-performance and cost-effective.

2. Easy to use, store and clean, just one hand operation.

3. Convenience, not only use at home but you can also can take it to anywhere,such as outdoor camping,fishing,picnic,etc.


Are the vacuum food bags reusable?

Yes, the vacuum bag can be used again and again, reusable for about 30-50 times


Is there any difference between your vacuum food bag and other food bags?

Yes, our Vacuum Food Bags have a patented Zipper Closure and Air Valve that work with our Handy Vacuum Sealer to remove air and seal tight around the food. Other food bags don’t have this good function and it’s easy to cause the food damage or go bad.


Can the vacuum bag store liquid?

It’s not recommended to store liquids or liquid based food,such as soup,porridge etc.

It’s great to store the meats freezing coated,fruits and dry foods,or even stamps,photos,forks etc.


Can I take Vacuum Bags in the microwave?
Yes, our vacuum bags are suitable to put into microwave for ice-melting/defrosting using the defrost (30% power) setting. Open the zipper, Place Bag on a microwave-safe dish before placing in microwave.  After defrosting, handle with care as Bag and contents may be hot.


What is Freezer Burn?

"Freezer burn" is a condition which occurs when moisture evaporates from the surface of foods in the freezer and causes the food to dry out and become discolored. While freezer burn does not affect food safety, it does reduce food quality.  Freezer burned spots can be cut away before or after cooking.   If a food is heavily freezer-burned, it may be desirable to discard it.  Air removal, moisture-vapor-resistant packaging, a tight seal and appropriate storage time and temperature help prevent freezer burn.  Storage with the Handy Vacuum Food Storage System helps protect your food from freezer burn by virtually eliminating freezer burn.

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