Hydrophilic Nano Silica SiO2 Silicon Dioxide Nano Powder for coating and paint

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Product Overview


Paint/Coating Used China Factory Silica  SiO2 Silicon Dioxide Nanopowder

Product Description


Product description of Slica Nanopowder:


Grain size: 20-30nm

Purity: 99.8%

Color: white

Type: hydrophobic, hydrophilic


Nano Silica/SiO2 powder used in the field of paint

1.Nano-silica has a three-dimensional network structure, and large surface area, showing great activity, can form a network in the dry coating structure, not only increasing the strength of paint and finish, but also improve the suspension of the pigment.It can keep the color of paint long-term does not fade.

2.In the building interior and exterior paint, if the addition of nano-silica, can significantly improve the coating of the opening effect, the paint is not layered, with thixotropy, anti-sagging, good performance, especially anti-pollution performance greatly improved, with excellent self-cleaning ability and adhesion.

3.Nano-SiO2 can also be used with organic pigments, can be photochromic paint. Researchers used a sol-gel method to synthesize a fully transparent, temperature-resistant coating containing nano-silica. Some synthesized a very thick coating containing nano-SiO2, which can resist high temperature, no cracks at 500 ℃. Other synthetic P MMA-SiO2 nano-coating, and it significantly enhanced the flexibility and strength of the coating.

4.Nano-silica shows the special optical properties compared with conventional SiO2. Nano silica has a strong UV absorption, infrared reflection characteristics. The UV-visible spectrophotometer showed that it had a UV absorption of up to 70% or more at wavelengths of 400 nm and more than 70% of the infrared light reflectance at wavelengths of 800 nm. It was added to the coating to form a shield Role, to achieve the purpose of anti-UV aging and thermal aging, while increasing the thermal insulation of the paint. Through nano-particle filling method, the nano-silicon dioxide doped into the UV assimilation coating, significantly improved UV curing The hardness and adhesion of the coating also diminishes the extent to which UV absorbs the coating to absorb UV radiation, thereby reducing the rate of assimilation of the UV-enriched coating.

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Buyer Feedback



Q: Can I get some samples?

A: It depends on the nanopowder sample you want. If the sample is in stock in small package, you can get the free sample by just cover shipping cost, except precious nanopowders, you'll need to cover sample cost and shipping cost.


Q: How can I get a quote?
A: We'll give you our competitive quote after we receive nanopowder specifications such as particle size, purity; dispersion specifications such as ratio, solution, particle size, purity. 


Q: Can you help with tailor-made nanopowder?
A: Yes, we can help you with tailor-made nanopowder, but we'll require a minmum order quantiy and leading time about 1-2 weeks.


Q: How can you guarantee your quality?
A: We have strick quality control system as well as a dedicated research team, we have been focused on nanopowders since 2002, earning a reputation with good quality, we're confident our nanopowders will give you an edge over your business competitors!


Q: Can I get document information?
A: Yes, COA, SEM,TEM are available.


Q: How can I pay for my order?
A: We recommend Ali trade Assurance, with us your money in safe your business in safe.

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A: Courier Service such as: DHL, Fedex, TNT, EMS.

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