Used Tire Vulcanizing Machine for Sale

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      Used Tire Vulcanizing Machine for Sale


Product Description

A device for vulcanizing rubber products. It is a closed tank made of low carbon steel plates. The structure can be divided into two types: single wall vulcanizing tank and double wall vulcanizing tank. A single wall autoclave is vulcanized with saturated vapor or hot compressed air. When compressed air is used, heater shall be installed in the tank. The double wall vulcanizing pot is heated only by heated air, and steam is sent between the inner wall and the outer wall. There are vertical vulcanizing pot and horizontal vulcanizing pot, but most of them adopt single wall horizontal vulcanizing pot.


Autoclave curing equipment in the production of rubber products is the first application for many years, although other curing equipment has a great development, but until today some rubber products (hose, rubber shoes, rubber vulcanization) also cannot do without it, is molding, adhesive tape box cable products can also be used in autoclave curing, visible. The autoclave is still one of the basic equipment of vulcanization.




Vulcanizing tank is a fast open type pressure vessel. The utility model adopts a mechanical transmission device or an electric lock to open the tank door. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure, convenient operation, good sealing performance, uniform temperature in the tank, safe and reliable accessories (equipped with safety interlocking device).


Three open mode:

A electric: operation control button, control the speed reduction motor and turbine vortex rod to implement the quick door opening and closing

B pneumatic: operation control button. Control cylinder expansion, automatic opening and closing of the quick door.

C hydraulic: operation control button, control hydraulic cylinder telescopic implementation, quick door automatic opening and closing.




In addition, the parameters of autoclave, the installation cost of autoclave and the transportation cost of autoclave are also important factors affecting the price of autoclave. More canned food autoclave selection and quotation information, welcome online consultation.

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