Tire Vulcanizing Autoclave Machine Used in Tyre Retreading for Sale

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        Tire Vulcanizing Autoclave Machine Used in Tyre Retreading for Sale


Autoclave curing equipment is used earlier in the production of rubber products for many years, although other curing equipment has a great development, but until today some rubber products (hose, rubber shoes, rubber vulcanization) also cannot do without it, is molding, adhesive tape box cable products can also be used in autoclave curing, the curing the tank is still one of the basic equipment of vulcanization.

Autoclave. Technical parameter function:

A device for vulcanizing tires during the production of a tire, belonging to a pressure vessel. By inflating and heating the tank, the rubber is vulcanized so that the tread and the tire are tightly joined together. Equipped with a vacuum pump to vacuum the tires. For rim diameter: 15 "- 22.5" working pressure: 0.8Mpa voltage: AC 380V/50 HZ the average curing time: 3.5 Hours (including import gas pressure vessel, time) to the Bureau of Quality Supervision Inspection and quarantine and record, otherwise there will be security risks.

Standard function description:

The automatic switching device of tank door, equipped with three heavy security two spare space, improve the production efficiency of the control system through PID, precise control of curing time, temperature and pressure with temperature compensation, automatic alarm, automatic timer function using DPC (pressure control system), precise control of inner tube, outer envelope and tank pressure, three kinds of heating methods to achieve good curing effect to choose : electric heating, steam heating and heating oil (normal heating mode for electric heating,If the choice of conducting oil heating, additional conduction oil furnace) optional models: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 24, 26, 30






If you are inerested in our autoclave machine, pls tell me the size of autoclave you want, I'll send the quotation to you after receiving your specific inquiry.

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