mixed deionizer resin refill di cartridge

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Product Overview


mixed deionizer resin refill di cartridge

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 Hello Sir, dearest lady, welcome to Lanlang Corp. for premium Ion Exchange Resin products! Kindly be invited to spend 3 minutes to view the following information specially offered to you.

Part one: Product Description

1. Lanlang Deionization (DI) Cartridge
The convenient way to provide high quality (pure) DI water
DI (deionized) water is the pure water with low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) or without TDS. It could be used in the variety of domestic and industrial areas (such as laboratory, electronics, car or window rinse, aquarium, etc).
Lanlang deionization (DI) cartridges are the best way to make DI water from tap water or RO filtered water through ion exchange process.
They are filled with high purified nuclear grade ion exchange resin to deliver high purity water with minimum TOC background.
Lanlang DI cartridges could work in 10’ & 20’ standard and big blue housings. In-line DI cartridge works without need of any additional housing.  


2. Brief introduction of Deionization (DI) Cartridge
Economical way to get pure water:
Stop to buy the expensive pure water from water station, you could get it using Lanlang DI cartridges.

Stop to buy the disposable DI cartridge that you need to throw away and replace when it exhausts, you could refill Lanlang DI cartridges with Lanlang nuclear grade resin.
High capacity:
The nuclear grade resin makes Lanlang DI cartridges could produce large volume of pure water. 1liter nuclear grade resin could remove 30000mg TDS (as CaCO3). If TDS of feed water is at 100ppm, 1liter resin could deliver approximate 300liter pure water with 0TDS.

Principle of Lanlang Deionization (DI) Cartridge
3. Product Features
High purity water
You could use Lanlang DI cartridges to make high quality pure water with TDS down to 0 from tap water through recirculating mode. The nuclear grade resin could remove the residual TDS that RO membrane could not remove. So Lanlang DI cartridges could also be used as polisher for RO filtration.

4.Specification of Lanlang Deionization (DI) Cartridge

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5.What is the application of Lanlang Deionization Cartridge?


 Part two: Lanlang Corp. Introduction                                                                         

1.  Lanlang water treatment business technology

     Lanlang is the Chinese top supplier with more than 10 years experiences in water purification products. We have very good cooperation with customers all over the world. Choose Lanlang, not only for good quality products, but also for premium services.

 t33 water filter cartridge with mixed bed resin for 0 TDS deionized water system


2. Lanlang office

t33 water filter cartridge with mixed bed resin for 0 TDS deionized water system

6. Export services and communication activities

     Besides quality products, Lanlang has an excellent and most professional service team as well. You will be served with safe and fast order process. Place order to Lanlang and you will find doing business and getting satisfied products from China is an easy thing!

t33 water filter cartridge with mixed bed resin for 0 TDS deionized water system

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