Fiberglass mat 450g E-glass chopped strand mat roll

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Product Overview


Product Description


Glass fiber chopped mat is made of fiberglass filament cut into a certain length of chopped fiber, powder binder or emulsion binder made of a reinforced material.

Application: chopped original silk felt is mainly used in hand paste molding, molding, centrifugal casting molding, mechanical molding and other fiberglass forming winding process. Can be widely used in automotive accessories, sanitary ware, chemical anti-corrosion pipes, cooling towers, tanks, ships, building components, furniture and other fiberglass products.


1. The quality of the unit area is uniform, no stains and other defects.

2. Moderate hardness, good flexibility.

3. Easy to completely soak, product less bubbles, process is good.

4. Has a good filling and overmolding, suitable for complex shape of the product molding.

5. good mechanical and mechanical properties and chemical properties.











Factory overview

Guangdong Good Resin Co., Ltd. is a well-known high-tech  enterprise in South China, specializing in chemical composite

materials research and development, production, sales, trade as one of the company. The company was established in March 2011, and its  industry headquarters in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province Daya Bay petrochemical district, covers an area of 60,000 square meters, the annual output of 90,000 tons, a total investment reached 300 million yuan. In recent years, the rapid development of the company has been expanding the Ministry of Foreign Trade for all countries in the world. The main products are vinyl preservative resin, epoxy resin, unsaturated polyester resin (191 general glass fiber reinforced plastic, ship resin, auto parts resin, sanitary ware resin, mold resin, handicraft resin, imitation jade resin, high transparent resin, crystal resin,Paint resin, resin curing agent, resin accelerator, resin release agent, mold release agent, Styrene, mold silica gel and other auxiliary materials, glass fiber felt, glass fiber cloth, glass fiber yarn and other resin reinforcement materials. 

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1. Q: Is your company a manufacturer?

     A: Yes,we are. At the same time, we are also agents of other product brands.


2. Q:  Does your company provide samples?

     A:  Yes,we do,  but freight usually requires the  buyer to bear.


3. Q:What is your company's  transportation form?

     A: Samples generally deliver by  international express, a large number of goods can be transported by land or water.


4: Q: What is the quality and price of your product?

     A: Our product have a good quality and stable performance, with a cheap price and high quality,  there are a large number of        market at home and abroad. Due to fluctuations in resin prices and it's not stable, the specific price have to ask customer   service or  contact us with E-mail. 


5. Q: What is your delivery time?

    A: Uauslly in 2-3days after payment confirmed.  


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