7130579 ARS25-37800360 Absolute encoder

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7130579 ARS25-37800360 Absolute encoder


Payment Terms :


TT in advance , Western Union ....


Shipment Terms :


  1. Trading terms are Ex-works Shenzhen
  2. or Hongkong.
  3. We will ship the goods within 3 working days after the payment received.
  4. We can ship the goods to worldwide by DHL/FEDEX/UPS/TNT/EMS or other best possible way. Please also contact us directly if you have preferred ways.

After Service :


We offer guarantee of quality for 45-90 Days for all the parts we ship out .

1st, we will state the condition of the parts honestly when quote ;

2nd, we will test the quality of the goods before shipment ;

3rd, we will be responsilbe when the parts get in any problems .



Hope you enjoy the shopping !


 Absolute encoder ARS25-37800360encoder ARS25-37800360ARS25-37800360Absolute encoder ARS25-37800360encoder ARS25-37800360ARS25-37800360Absolute encoder ARS25-37800360


  encoder ARS25-37800360ARS25-37800360Absolute encoder ARS25-37800360encoder ARS25-37800360ARS25-37800360Absolute encoder ARS25-37800360encoder ARS25-37800360 

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1035239BTF08-A1AM-S01Wire Draw absolute encoder
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