Huahong gold three wheels wet pan mill,gold milling grinding machine

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Product Overview


Huahong new design three roller wet pan mill:








The wet pan mill is a new mill, small investment, high yield, the production cost is low, good benefits.




The wet pan mill is named by the diameter of roller. Φ1300,Φ 1350,Φ 1400,Φ 1500,Φ 1600 is suitable for selection of iron ore, molybdenum ore ,lead ore ,zinc ore, antimony ore and so on. Φ 850, Φ 900, Φ 1000,Φ 1100,Φ 1200 is suitable for selection of gold ore.

As their small investment, high yield, the production cost is low, good benefits, praised by users, domestic alternative to the ball mill equipment. Grind gold machine easy installation and maintenance, small investment, high yield, quick, low-cost production, is the ideal equipment for mine SMEs beneficiation.



Use and Maintenance of wet pan mill/gold grinding machine:


1.The normal operation of the mill, before they start feeding. 


2.this machine prohibit strip start, the outage at boot time, you must first clean up the residual ore in the middle of the milled slot and then start.


3.should be uniform feeding not erratic, it is best to use the feeder.


4.bearing frequent butter, gear box or car rear axle with frequent checks whether the loss of gear oil.


5.regular checks of the various parts of the screw is loose.


6.Found bearing damage must be promptly replaced, shaft eccentric avoid damage to other parts.


7.mill runtime to pay attention to that the reducer or bearing part of the presence or absence of abnormal sound, whether the temperature is too high, the motor current is too large irregularities; should be shut down immediately if the above phenomenon, exclude.


8.machine maintenance, to ensure safety, you must remove the motor belt.


Technical Parameter of wet pan mill/gold grinding machine: 


Input size


Process ability









less than 

30 mm

1500B1500×350×±202.5—320—22 6—2214
11001100×200×±100.6—0.8 16—184—5.55.5
10001000×200×±100.5 21—234—5.54.5



The new type wet pan mill has smoother apperance, and better workmanship:














We combine the basin and the grinding pan together, for the new type gold refining machine, the basin and grinding pan is one part, this improvement makes it easier to operate and highly improve the recovery rate of gold





The new type












The following is the old type, there is gap between the basin and the grinding pan, and the gold particles easily run into the bottom of the pan











The steel plate of our new type wet pan mill is thicker compared with the old type, making it more durable and  not easy to deformation













The following is the old type wet pan mill, the steel plate is thinner










After trying our new generation wet pan mill, many customers place regular order because the new designed wet pan mill in more durable and more convenient in application




Our wet pan mills have certificates of ISO, and pre-shipment inspection.





Our wet pan mills are exported to Sudan,Egypt:



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