Automatic meat and bone meal plant,meat and bone meal processing equipment for sale

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Product Overview


Automatic meat and bone meal plant,meat and bone meal processing equipment for sale

meat and bone meal  processing equipment

Technology requirements: 

1.This machine adopts the high temperature and high pressure sterilizing technology.

2.Handle costing≤USD0.073/KG

3.The final products can be used as the poultry feed and the raw material of the fertilizer.

4.Large animal don’t need dismemberment,can be handled directly.

5.The lifetime of the main equipment ≥8years,low maintenance fee. 

Processing technology

Technology description:The type of our rendering plant handling the animal,just transport the crushed animal to the closed vessel,lead in high temperature circulation source to sterilizing the animal by high temperature and high pressure when continual mixing the material,use the water inside the animal heating and vaporisation to produce pressure.Then through vacuum drying,degrease,cooling,grinder etc working process after cooking and sterilizing,the final products are bone and meat meal and also oil,is the most welcomed processing type.

Technology parameters:Temperature≥135℃,pressure≥0.35 MPa(absolute pressure),heat preservation time≥30min(Europe and America sterilizing standard,we can adjust the pressure and temperature depend on different material),vacuum drying time 120 min,complete cooking and sterilizing time 240min,whole processing time 480min.

Technology character:Our rendering plant have the character that high efficiency,thoroughly

sterilizing,eco-friendly,high automatic,low labor intensity,the final products have high quality.


raw materialfinal productusageNutritional componentscapacity/ ton per batch
dead animalsMeat and bone mealused for animal feedProtein 40-45%, Coarse ash powder 26-40%, calcium 7 -10%, phosphorus 3.8 - 5%,VB12 3-5%1-200
waste from slaughtering(slaughtering poultry or livestock)protein mealused for animal feed1-200
bloodblood mealused for animal feedProtein 80- 90%, lysine7-8%,amny other trace element1-100
featherfeather mealused for animal feedProtein 80- 85%, sulfur-containing amino acid 3- 5%, valine6- 10%, leucine3- 5%, isoleucine2- 3%,1-100
bonebone mealused for animal feedProtein 12-35%, the highest content is collagen, which is the component of collagen fiber. and many vitamins, like VA,VD,VB1,VB2,VB121-200
fish fish mealused for animal feedProtein 60-65%, fat 10%,Calcium 3.8-7%, phosphorus 2.7 - 3.5%,zinc 97.5-151 mg/kg,and Choline and vitamin B21-200
usage: above meals can be used as raw marerial for different animal feed according to different nutrition content.

work flow

meat and bone meal





main machines

conveyor system:


the raw material is input from the top, and be crushed by a pre-break machine in the middle, then transported to cooker by  the  bottom pump

meat and bone meal  processing equipment


cooker & dryer

meat and bone meal  plant


material is cooked and dried 
oil pressing system

meat and bone meal

Fat can be extracted from the material. Oil yield is more than 5%.

cooling system

meat and bone meal  processing equipment

Pressed cake can be cooled to the temperature of 0-5oC, suitable situation for packing

final products-bone meal, protein meal, fish meal

meat and bone meal  plant





meat and bone mealmeat and bone meal  processing equipment 



We can design a turnkey production line for our customers,the line including many machines,customer also can choose the one they need depend on their production 

and the founds,so no matter what requriements you have,we will try our  best to 

meet with you!


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