Multifunction Adult Nursing Manikin With With BP Training Arm,Patient Care Training Model

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Product Overview


 Full-functional Nursing Manikin With Blood Pressure Simulator


Product Description





Widely used in social training institutions, clinics, hospitals, medical colleges,  School of Nursing&Midwifery, health schools, training in OB-GYN,  in family practice, internal medicine, emergencymedicine,  pediatrics and so on. 




The nursing manikin is designed to improve patient nursing care skills of medical workers.

It can provide repeated practice for training and learning, making the the model an ideal teaching aid for instructors and a hands-on learning tool for trainees.


Main features of this nursing training manikin


LP/H2300 is a comprehensive manikin with mutiple nursing care skills for different levels of nursing skills training courses.


A variety of accessories provided with this integrated training simulator make it a comprehensive teaching aid for instructors and a hands-on learning tool for trainees.


Main teaching courses of this nursing training manikin:


1.    Hair and face washing, hair combing

2.    Eye and ear washing and administering

3.    Mouth cavity and artificial teeth care

4.    Endotracheal intubation

5.    Sputum suction

6.    Oxygen inhaling

7.    Oral and nasal feeding

8.    Gastrolavage

9.    Main organs in thoracic cavity and in abdominal cavity

10.  Venipuncture, injection, blood transfusion (Arm)

11.  Deltoid subcutaneous injection

12.  Vastus lateralis injection

13.  Thoracic cavity, abdominal cavity, liver, bone marrow and lumbar puncture

14.  Enema training

15.  Female urethral catheterization

16.  Male urethral catheterization

17.  Female bladder irrigation

18.  Male bladder irrigation

19.  Ostomy care

20.  Buttocks intramuscular injection

21.  Main organs in abdominal cavity

22.  Holistic nursing care: sponge bath, replacing clothes, cold and heat therapy.

23.  Limbs joints: bend, rotation and upper or lower movement

24.  Trauma evaluation and care: washing, disinfection, enswathing of the wound,  hemostasis and bandaging.  

25.  Blood pressure measurement

26.  Carotid pulse 

27.Bedsore care: the clinical stage of pressure ulcers show 4 different stages, the first phase: congestion red period; the second period: inflammatory infiltration; third: shallow ulcer period; fourth period: necrotic ulcer period. At the same time show pressure ulcers and a variety of pathological manifestations: pressure sores, ulcers, sinus, carrion, necrosis, eschar, etc.


 PACKAGE SIZE: 127*48*22cm 

 G.W.: 23KGS

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