Высококачественная компактная герметичная тепловая труба, вакуумная труба, Солнечный нагреватель горячей воды 58*1800 мм

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Product Overview


High Quality Galvanized steel Compact Pressurized Glass Tube Solar Hot Water Heater

The Characteristic:

1.The water will not flow into the tubes directly , the system will still work even the tube broken.

2.With Intelligent controller.

3.Anti-freezing, all-year-round service even in extremely cold area.

4.Adoping the best conduction performance metal copper(heat pipe).

5.Directly connected with city warer without a circulation.

6.Working pressure(0.6MPa).


Working principle:

Integrative pressurized series is a renovation model for the solar hot water, which adopts advanced heat pipe technology, combines heat pipe solar collector with pressurized tank to form a compact model.

The vaccum tubes absorb and convert solar energy into thermal energy, and transfer to the central heat pipe via the aluminum fin. The heat pipes have tiny amount of purified water sealed inside at depressurized condition. when heated, the medium inside the heat pipes vaporizes at low temperature(about 30℃), the vapor rises to the condeser and heat energyis conducted to water(inside the tank),When vapor is cooled down, and becomes condesate, falling to thebottom of heat pipe. By the continuously circulating in this way, heat is carried from outside to the water inside  the tank.




















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