Hybrid Solar Power Inverter 2kw 3kw 4kw 5kw 10kw On/off Grid Tie Combined With Mppt Solar Charge Controller

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Hybrid Solar Power Inverter 2kw 3kw 4kw 5kw 10kw On/off Grid-Tie Combined With Mppt Solar Charge Controller


Advantage of solar inverter: 

 1, Built-in MPPT solar charge controller
 2,64-bits DSP Intelligent control chipset
 3, LCD display with multi-function
 4, Built-in automatic AC charger and automatic AC mains switcher. Switch time <5ms
 5, High Transfer efficiency:≥90%
 6, Continuous stable pure sine wave output
 7, with built-in AVR stabilizer
 8, AC Charging current 0-35A adjustable
 9,7 battery types optional

10, AC mains input frequency 50Hz/60Hz automatic recognition
11, True Over Temperature Protection
12, Full bridge rectifier and main-board structure are highly optimized. Input and output circuits are isolated.
13,3 times surge power, strong loading capacity with true onetime soft start.



               3 times Peak Power     

Product Description




  • -Super load capacity:

3 times peak power of rated power

  •  - Built-in AVR stabilizer:

No matter how low or how high the AC input voltage is, our inverter provides standard 110V or 220V stable output, which keeps the load working stably. Wide stabilizing range of AC input optional.

  •  - Built-in MPPT solar controller:

For maximum power point tracking, to maximize the efficiency of the solar panel output.


                                 Technical Data     



Item No. :
Product Size:
N/W:6kg  G/W:8kg
Seven Battery types: 
  • 1, GEL. U.S.A.
    2, Gel European
    5, Sealed Lead Acid 
    6, Open Lead Acid
    7,Calcium (open) De sulphation cycle 15.5 for 4hrs
Six Protection:
  • 1, Battery low voltage alarm: 10.5VDC (Single battery voltage)
    2, Battery low voltage protection:10VDC (Single battery voltage)
    3, Battery over-voltage protection: 17V+-0.5V (Single battery voltage)
    4, Battery over-voltage alarm: 15-16VDC (Single battery voltage)
    5, Over powder protection: 110% more than the rated capacity
    6, Over temperature protection: more than 85-degree alarm more than 90-degree machine shut off. 
Working mode           (3 optional):
  • 01 model:
  • AC mains priority (Always use AC mains as priority input to provide AC output and automatically charge  the battery, only stops charging when the battery is fully charged, and only starts DC to AC converting until AC mains is off.)
  • 02 model:
  • Energy Saving (loading less than 10% automatic shutdown, loading more than 11%-100% automatic turn on.)
  • 03 model:
  • DC battery Priority  ( Always use DC battery as priority input to provide AC output, for 12V system, when batter more than 13V, starts DC to AC converting; when battery less than 10.5V during converting, switch to ACmains mode to provide AC output and automatically start charging the battery (for 24V/48Vsystem, multiply by 2/4 accordingly). 



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