EKEM Private Label Leather Shoe Cleaning Kit for White Golf Sneaker Shoe Care Products

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Product Overview


EKEM Private Label Leather Shoe Cleaning Kit for White Golf Sneaker Shoe Care Products will have your shoes looking brand new fast! This high quality gentle solution effectively cleans and conditions your shoes, and is safe to use on all materials including leather, suede, nubuck, canvas, vinyl, nylon, cotton mesh and more.
• Eco- friendly, biodegradable, and non-toxic ingredients cleaner liquid, maintain your shoes with a shoe cleaner that is safe
without any harmful effects to you or your family.
• This microfiber towel is perfect for drying off your trainers.
• The Premium Brush effectively removes unwanted dirt and stains without scraping off the color or integrity of your shoes.
Product Name
Private Label Leather Shoe Cleaning Kit for White Golf Sneaker Shoe Care Products
Leather, suede, nubuck, canvas, vinyl, nylon, cotton mesh and more.
Kit Includes
* 1 3oz Premium Sneaker Cleaner
* 1 All-Purpose Brush
* 1 Microfiber Towel
Net Content
120ML 200 ML 250ML
Shelf life
OEM/ODM capability
1 week for sample, 3-4week for mass order.
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Our Company
Ekem is a technology-based company special in waterproofing and shoe care products that protect and restore the performance of your outdoor gear and footwear.
We produce environment-friendly waterproofing and shoe care products. Our nano technologies replicate the water repellency applied to boots, garments and equipment.
We provide products and information to get maximum performance from footwear, clothing, and sporting goods.
Please take a few minutes to learn how our products can clean, preserve, protect, waterproof, and add new features of comfort and durability to your footwear, clothing and gear.
Our Service

We are happy to let you create and promote your own brand. It is possible for us to “white label” or manufacture for you the products under your own brand name. 


What kind of material can I apply Ekem water proofer to?
Great for all kinds of leather, suede, nubuck and textile materials which includes shoes, bags, tents, shelters and clothing. Also applied to wood, paper and etc.
How do you apply Ekem water proofer?
Ekem water proofer is a simple spray and walk away solution. To apply, take the bottle of Ekem water proofer and spray one even coat onto your shoe, apparel, or accessory and let it dry. For optimum performance, we recommend to spray a second coat once the first coat is dry to touch. It is best to wait 20-25 minutes after treatment before exposing the treated item to water and dirt.
How long will coating last?
Ekem water proofer is a very durable solution.Environmental conditions will affect the longevity of the spray coating. Abrasion is the leading cause of reduction in the coating’s life, but also exposure to things such as high pressure water can reduce the life of coating. The more adverse environments and the extremity you put your shoes and apparel through will ultimately determine how long the treatment stays effective. If you see the repellency nullifying, you can simply spray another coat to renew its repelling properties.
Are coated items breathable?
Ekem water proofer provides an invisible and breathable protective coating, while retaining a natural look and feel without affection breathability.
How many approximate square feet does one can cover?
Approximate 15square meter per litre.
Can Ekem water proofer be used on electronics?
No, Ekem Strong Waterproof Materials Super Hydrophobic Nano Coating should not be used on electronics.

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