hot sale 18x16 fiberglass insect screen wire netting mesh for window and door

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hot sale 18x16 fiberglass insect screen wire netting mesh for window and door

Glass fiber or fiberglass is an excellent inorganic nonmetallic material with a wide range of advantages, good insulation, good heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, but the disadvantage is brittle and abrasion. Poor sex.

Glass fiber than organic fiber temperature is high, non-combustible, anti-corrosion, heat insulation, good sound insulation, high tensile strength, good electrical insulation.

(1) high tensile strength, elongation is small (3%).
(2) high elasticity coefficient, good rigidity.
(3) elastic limit within the large elongation and high tensile strength, so the absorption of large impact energy.
(4) for the inorganic fiber, with non-flammable, good chemical resistance.

(5) water absorption is small.

(6) scale stability, heat resistance are good.
(7) good processing, can be made into stocks, beams, carpets, weaving, and other different forms of products.
(8) transparent through the light.
(9) with a resin having a good adhesion to the surface treatment agent.
(10) cheap.
(11) is not easy to burn, high temperature can be made into glass beads.

E-glass, also known as alkali-free glass, is a borosilicate glass. Is currently the most widely used glass fiber glass components, with good electrical insulation and mechanical properties, widely used in the production of electrical insulation glass fiber, but also a large number of glass fiber for the production of glass fiber, its drawback is easy Inorganic acid erosion, it is not suitable for use in acidic environments.

1). Mesh: 5mmx5mm, 4mmx4mm, 3mmx3mm.
2). Weight g/m2: 45--160g
3). Length/roll: 50 m, 100or 200m.
4). Width/roll: 1 or 2m.
5). Color: white, blue, green or other color.

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