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Silk is the lightest and most delicate in the nature of the most natural fibers, the withdrawal of external forces can be easily restored to the original state, the tube is not broken cake, not boring, not shrink, uniform soft, can be permanently free use. Silk was made of fine silk, with a novel fibrous structure, so that the free flow of water vapor. Plus the unique permeability of the silk itself, moisture permeability, so that the silk is more slippery feeling, cool not warm, warm and not dry. Silk is mainly composed of animal protein, rich in eighteen kinds of essential amino acids, can promote skin cell vitality, anti-vascular sclerosis, long-term use can prevent skin aging, some skin diseases have a special antipruritic effect, Inflammation, frozen shoulder, asthma has a certain role in health care. Known as "the second body of the skin", "fiber Queen" reputation.

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Has a good cold and constant temperature, silk has the highest fiber "volume gap", the cold weather can reduce the thermal conductivity, warmth than cotton; hot days can discharge excess heat, so that the body temperature to maintain comfort .

To prevent the cold cold: silk flakes with Dongnuanxialiang health characteristics, in the cold struck, can play a strong cold and warmth; the weather is warm, it is like a cool wind close to the body comfortable
lubrication, So that the body temperature balance, thereby reducing the chances of cold catch cold.

Wear comfortable: silk is recognized in the world the most soft and healthy natural fiber, moisture, warm, breathable, with 100% silk as a filler made of silk fabric made of clothes, wearing a skin care is a sense of comfort.

Anti-mite, antibacterial, mildew: silk has excellent anti-mildew, anti-bacterial natural characteristics, especially silk flakes used in the special silk, are in line with strict health and health requirements, so environmental protection and health.


Senior quilts, high-grade Mianfu, jackets, home textiles series, but also with cotton, plant fiber blended production. Products for high-level hotels, high-end hotel environment and aerospace and other special environmental areas.

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