Gold yellow silk cut cocoon open mouth Skin care silkworm cocoon

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Product Overview


Gold yellow silk cocoon open mouth Skin care silkworm cocoon for beauty 




Introduce of the Silkworm



Pure natural and non pollution ,be rich in a variety of amino acids.


As we know that pearl is a good product for beauty.Silkworm is better than pearl.Silkworm contains the nitrogen.The content of nitrogen is  37times higher than the pearl.The content of amino acid is 10 times higher than the pearl.The amino acid can be absorbed by the skin directly ,promoting the metabolism of the skin.The silkworm is rich in Tyrosine .the tyrosine can effectly inhibit the formulation of melation of melanin.




Introduce of the function 



      1.blackhead remove 

      2.deeply cleaning exfoliation 

      3.Anti-Aging,Skin Revitalizer,Exfoliator,Anti-Wrinkle,Nourishing,Moisturizer



      Silkworm is the most natural material of the comestic,it contain the albumen          which is very close to human skin.

     The natural silk which is extracted from the  cocoon is very soft,It can care for every inch of the skin,there will no wrinkle if using for a long time.In the Qin Jin Fang of Tang dynasty ,Taiping Royal Prescriptions of Song dynasty all said that cocoon can renew one's youth and beauty regimen.In ancient times,the silkworm is grinding into fine powder and then apply to face making the skin bright and smooth white



silk cocoon specifi2



Products NameGold yellow silk cut cocoon open mouth Skin care silkworm cocoon 
Material100% real natural silk cocoon, no bleach, no chemical 
Usage1.100% Natural Protein amino acid silk cleansing exfoliating blackhead whithehead remove silkworm cocoon
2.silkworm cocoon for cleaning firming moisturizing


1. Our silk cocoon is very large , clean , white , no bleach !

2. 100% same as the video , the video made by ourselves.

3. we choose the best cocoon from all cocoon we bought from factory, no dirty inside .


Price0.1$/pcs, 240$/kg , around 3000pcs/kg


Detailed Images





Usage:1.after face cleaning or using when you have a bath.

           2.rinse the silkworm with warm water.

           3.soak in the warm water which is about 40 degrees for about 5 minutes.

           4. when the silkworm is soft and full of water and then it can be used.

           5.Set the index finger and massage the skin anywhere.

           6.the last step is to moist with mild emollient water.


Appication:1.No matter how good the comestic is ,it can not be absorbed by the skin.

                  2.Office workers facing the computer,the skin is dry and rejuvenates dull

                   3.The blackhead can not be cleaned clearly

                     4.The skin is dry and easy to break in winter.


Then use the silkworm can improve such situation.



Select cocoon

We select high quality dupion silk cocoon from all the cocoon we bought from famer . 


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Q: Are you a factory or trading company?
A:We are a manufacturer with export license.



Q: Are there any requirements to be able to buy from you ?
A: There are no minimum requirements. Our regular customers range through individuals, small business, retailers, traders and luxury outdoor shops


Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock


Q: Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ?
A: Yes, we could offer the free sample but you could cover the expree fee.


Q: Can I get a discount?
A: The larger the order, the lower the costs. Please feel free to contact us, or if you have a regular requirement, contact equiry at the top of the page of our website.


Q:How does your factory do regarding quality control?
A: Quality is priority. SUSI people always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end.
1. All raw material we used are best;
2. Skillful workers care every details in every process;
3. Quality Control Department with 10QC specially responsible for quality checking in each process.


Q: What if your products have quality problems?
A: First,you may send us some samples of the product,we will test it,if it is really quality problem,we will take reasponsibility to assist you to resolve your concern.









Here is the way to test real silk fiber :


1. Solubility experiment

Take some silk fiber from silk quilt and put it into the amount of 84 disinfectant. then it will be dissolve and disappeared.  


2. Flammability test

Please fire silk, hair and chemical fiber , then compare it : 


Chemical fiber : black smoke, smell pungent plastic taste, burning the remaining black objects are hard, not easy to grind into powder.


100% real Silk:  white smoke,  the taste is almost the same with the hair scorch, the remaining black and gray crushed on a crushed.

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