Angel Bread Improver A-555 Strengthens Gluten and Increase Bread Volume

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Angel  bread improver A-555 

1. Ingredients: starch, soya flour, glucose, ascorbic acid, calcium sulphate, glucose oxidase, hemicellulase, xylanase, alpha-amylase;
2. Dosage: 0.3-0.5% on weight of flour;
3. Usage:Pour Angel Bread Improver and other ingredients into the flour, then start mixing;
4. Packaging: 500g*20 bag/carton;
5. Shelf life: 18 months in dry and cool places (seal preservation after use);
6. Product code: 83001773.
Increase bread volume, improve texture, cost saved



Why we Choose to Use Bread Improver?


In the process of making bread, there are two following points that need to be noticed. The first one is the quality of flour. We cannot control the quality of flour, but the baking process. That is why we choose Angel Bread Improver, which can not only improve the stability of the flour but also the quality of the bread during baking process. Secondly, some backers have always met with the problem that the wheat starch getting aged . When bread is done, starch begin to aging which leads to the bread harden and crumb. So Angel Bread Improver will be your first choice and help you to solve this problem. By improving the inner organization of the bread, Angel bread Improver will provide bigger and good taste bread for you.


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