Дрон зум камеры с 3-осевому гидростабилизатору 10X для Бла (беспилотный летательный аппарат промышленные воздушные кинематограф/Проверка/аварийно-спасательных/видеонаблюдения/Поиск

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Product Overview



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1 x Sky Eye-I 1080P HD X10 Optical Zoom Camera

1 x Sky Eye-I 3-Axis High Stabilized Gimbal 



Sky Eye-I 1080P is a gimbal designed for 10X zoom camera for drone aerial inspection,surveillance,research and rescue mission.It consists of HD 10X optical zooming camera and a 3-axis high stabilized gimbal,which is able to take and record 1080p 30fps video to an on board TF card, giving you a stable eye in the sky that can be controlled via drone pilot or a secondary individual allowing for an overhead view that can cover a large amount of ground quickly and effectively. The 10X zoom function will allow you to remain at a distance yet zoom closely in on anything that requires your attention.

One big feature for Sky Eye-I 1080P is that it can be equipped with an Auto Object Track Module(AOTM),which will enable the pilot to track static/moving objects very easily.Further more,the AOTM is only 40 grams,do not add too much weight on the drone. 
How it works:zoom in and put the object you want to track in the screen,move the cursor to the object and lock it via controller,and then the camera will track it automatically.

Sky Eye-I 1080P provides an outstanding wiring hub design for RC receiver and video output port(AV and HDMI),which makes wiring pretty easily. Also the gimbal offers 2 smart speed modes:FAST speed and LOW speed.Fast speed mode is used for small zooming range,which makes the gimbal control sensitive and quick.LOW speed mode is used for large zoom range,will enable you to target the object more accurately.

Sky Eye-I 1080P has two video output ports,HDMI(1920*1080*60fps ) and Analog,which makes it possible to use traditional analog 5.8G video downlink or HD video downlink.The photo/video/playback functions can be chosen by a 3-gear switch on your radio.



1) 395grams,light weight

2) 1/3 inch 4MP CMOS sensor

3) 10X optical zoom,CVBS and 1080P/60 HDMI output for video downlink

4) 1080P/30 H.264 video recorded for on-board TF card

5) PWM control and serial command control

6) Auto object tracking(Optional)

7) Convenient wiring hub for RC receiver and video output(AV and HDMI)

8) 3-aixs high stabilized gimbal system

9) Adjustable control speed: SLOW speed for large zoom range,accurate.FAST speed
for small zoom range,sensitive and quick.

10) One key back to home position 








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We (Shenzhen Yangda Security Co.,Ltd) provide up-to-date equipments including RC plane,drone,drone camera,gimbal camera,FPV gear and accessories,everything you need to start the flight.

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Yangdaonline is the online RC shop owned by company Shenzhen Yangda Security Co.,Ltd which is founded in 2014 on a solid foundation of technical experience and passion for UAVs. 

Jack Ma the company founder has over 6 years of multirotor design and manufacturing experience which grew from a background of over 10 years of RC experience. 
After years of working experience in this field,he founded the company aiming to share his experience and resource to all the people who have the dream to fly.

We are a young and passionate team,most of the team members are post 80's and 90's.So we believe that we have the energy and knowledge to provide our customers with the best service they deserve.Our professional team includes engineers from various disciplines as well as designers,full time sourcing manager,product testers. Our focus is and has always been on the customers.



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