XYZ Axis Ball Screw Drive with Linear Rail CNC Linear Actuator

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XYZ Axis Ball Screw Drive with Linear Rail CNC Linear ActuatorIMG_5546.jpgIMG_5554.jpg

YR-SBRS140K-L100-P05 YR-SBRS140K-L1000-P05
YR-SBRS140K-L200-P05 YR-SBRS140K-L1100-P05
YR-SBRS140K-L300-P05 YR-SBRS140K-L1200-P05
YR-SBRS140K-L300-P05 YR-SBRS140K-L1300-P05
YR-SBRS140K-L400-P05 YR-SBRS140K-L1400-P05
YR-SBRS140K-L500-P05 YR-SBRS140K-L1500-P05
YR-SBRS140K-L600-P05 YR-SBRS140K-L1600-P05
YR-SBRS140K-L700-P05 YR-SBRS140K-L1700-P05
YR-SBRS140K-L800-P05 YR-SBRS140K-L1800-P05
YR-SBRS140K-L900-P05 YR-SBRS140K-L1900-P05
Use for Nema23/Nema34 stepper motoe or others,please contact us for more interests !


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