OBD2 OBDII Enclosure with J1962 OBD2 Male Connector Right Angel 90 Degree Gold Plating Pins

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Product Overview


OBD2 OBDII Enclosure with J1962 OBD2 Male Connector Straight Pins




OBD2 male plugstandard
Pins of OBD2 male plugcopper, nickel-plated or gold-plated
Pins at the backstraight
Number of pins16
Material of OBD2 male plugPA66
Material of OBD2 enclosureABS
Surface treatment of the OBD2 enclosurepainting
Dimension of OBD2 enclosure72*46*26 mm
Contact Resistance3 ohm max.
Insulation Resistance5M ohm min.
Working Temperature−25℃ ~ +100℃
Warranty1 year


We made plastic molds of the J1939 Deutsch 9 pin, OBD OBD2 J1962 and J1708 Deutsch 6 pin connectors, sockets, plugs, receptacles by ourselves. We can always make the cables with excellent connectivity and durability.


This OBD2 OBDII enclosure is with snaps and press-fit style. Press the top and the bottom of the OBD2 OBDII enclosure to make them attach to each other.


There are 5 holes on this OBD2 OBDII enclosure. They are for heat radiation.


The product includes the following parts:

1. J1962 male 16 Pin plug
2. 1 pair of enclosures






This OBD2 OBDII enclosure can be used to assemble telematics devices, M2M devices, IoV (Internet of Vehicles) devices, fleet management devices, ELM327 diagnostic devices, ECU tuning tools and car performance tuning tools.
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