Product Overview


Product Description


Can give nylon, polyester and other synthetic fibers, cotton, wool and other natural fibers and blended fabrics good waterproof, oil resistance.
The mechanical properties are stable and the compatibility with other auxiliaries is excellent. It can achieve stable waterproof and oil-proof effects.

The impact on the fastness to rubbing and the fastness to washing is very small, and there is almost no influence on the shade.

Without APEO.Excluding PFOA, PFOS.


It is suitable for general waterproofing and oil proofing of natural fabrics (hair, silk, cotton), polyester/cotton blends, nylon/cotton blends, synthetic fibers (polyester, nylon), and other fabrics.

Packing & Detailed
Application Case

Can be used in hats and other shading surface to waterproof effect.

Can be used in tents and other outdoor goods surface waterproof, moisture-proof.


Can be used in backpack, computer bag, student bag surface waterproof.

Can be used in gloves and other outdoor tools for waterproof surface

It can be used for waterproof surface of umbrella, raincoat, rain shed, etc


Q1:Are you a factory or trade company?

We are a factory,which is built in 2002.

Q2:I don't know which type to choose,can you give me advise?

Sure,as long as you tell me more detail information about you want to use it,I can provide best suitable product for you.

Q3:Can we get sample?

  Yes,about 200gof sample.

Q4:If we need a large order,can we get a discount?

Sure,we will give discounts according to your order quantity.

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