Agriculture Poly Tunnel Light Deprivation Blackout Greenhouse

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Product Overview


 A more scientific definition is "a covered structure that protects the plants from extensive external climate con-ditions and diseases, creates optimal growth microenvironment, and offers a flexible solution for sustainableand efficient year-round cultivation." A modern greenhouse operates as a system, therefore it is also referred toas controlled environment agriculture (CEA), controlled environment plant production system (CEPPS), or phy-tomation system.

Many commercial greenhouses or hothouses are high tech production facilities for vegetables or flowers. Theglass greenhouses are filled with equipment including screening installaions, heating, cooling, lighting, andmay be controlled by a computer to optimize conditions for plant growth. Different techniques are then used toevaluate optimality-degrees and comfort ratio of greenhouse micro-climate (i.e., air temperature, relativehumidity and vapor pressure deficit) in order to reduce production risk prior to cultivation of a specific crop.

The Main part description
Covering material
Film 80mic 100mic 150 mic 200 mic
Multi wall hollow polycarbonate sheet 8mm
Greenhouse Galvanized Frame System
* Arch Roof Pipe (round pipe): 48*2mm;
* Roof Connecting Pipe (round pipe): 48*2mm;

* Roof Vertical and Oblique Supporting Round Pipe: 25*2mm;
* Spacing of Arched pipe:2m
* Door:2m*2m(one sets)
* Foundation:1.5m
With many other greenhouse part
Steel grade: Q235, galvanized layer: 30-40UM (galvanized on both sides)
Thickness: 2mm
Heating system
1: It use thermal screen to keep warm inside in winner and in cold night;
2. It is controlled by the gear motor and rack-pinion structure electrically.
Heating System of Greenhouse refers to a set of suitable heating facilities chosen to meet the
heating demands, consisting of heating source, heat-radiating facilities, heat-transmitting facilities.

controlling or regulating valves, etc.  The main accessories include furnace, transmission pipeline, circulating water, radiator and sorts of
Shading system (Outside/inside)
1: Adjust the temperature and light intensity in the greenhouse;
2: Controlled by the gear motor and rack-pinion structure electrically.
Outside Shading System is fixed above the frame of greenhouse, supported by the uprights and beams.
Outside shading net is made by black and round-wire materials and fastened by black polyester strings.
Inside Shading System is installed in the greenhouse, fixed on the truss and with the frame of greenhouse.

Inside shading net is made by white aluminum-alloy materials, fastened by white polyester strings.
Ventilation system
1: Manual/electrical control;
2: Insect net is necessary, but free of cost.
The ventilation systems in our company consist of Roof Ventilation Systems and Side Ventilation Systems

according to the difference of the installation position. The Roof Ventilation Systems include the Roof Track-Cross

Ventilation System and Roof Row-Rack Ventilation System. The Side Ventilation System refers to the side
Cooling-Pad Ventilation System. Moreover, we also supply the Roof or Side Plastic-Film Reeling Ventilation System (Manual or Electric).
Seedbed system
1: Mobile seedbed, hot dip galvanized steel;
2: Utilization rate of the greenhouse can be up to about 85%.
Irrigation system
Irrigation system of greenhouse includes Drip Irrigation System and Spray Irrigation System, working

principle of which is that the irrigation water is extracted from the source, pressurized, purified, filtered properly,

then sent through the water-transmitting pipeline into the irrigation facility on the field. At last, the irrigation water  is released by the irrigation emitter of the irrigation facility to the plants of the field in the greenhouse.
Control system
(100% auto-control)
Electric system includes power distribution and control cabinet, cables and other accessaries.
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