China factory high quality cheap front agricultural tire 9.00-16 F2

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*  Agricultural  tire/ Tractor tire :9.00-16  10.00-16  11.00-16  7.50-20  6.50-20  7.50-16 etc.

*  The traction tyre tyre endows with a good drive power and hold power .

*  Suitable to tractors ,seeders,culvators operating on soft and nuddy ground.

*  With extremely stong traction,good self-cleaning and wide reas pattern prociders good                    floating,and excellent drive properties on muddy cultivated land .


size standard Rim Section Width(mm) Overall Diamater(mm)  Max Load (kga) Pressure (kpa)
4.00-10 3.00D 110 475 300 250
4.00-12 3.00D 110 535 320 250
4.00-14 3.00D 110 590 400 340
4.00-15 3.00D 110 610 420 340
4.00-16 3.00D 110 640 450 340
4.00-19 3.00D 110 710 480 340
5.00-15 4.00J 140 665 465 340
6.50-16 4.50E 170 760 630 340
6.00-19 4.50E 160 830 750 340
13.6-36 W11 330 1470 1450 250
9.00-16 6LB 235 860 102 340






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Packing and shipping


>>Packing:Standard Export package or AS Customer Request.


>>Shipping :by sea,by train or by air,from Qingdao port.


>>Trade Terms:FOB,CFR,CIF etc.


>>Payment terms:T/T,L/C,Western Union etc.


>>Delivery time:Within 7-15 days after deposit.





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* Packing:Standard Export Package or As Customer Request.

Shipping: by sea , by train or by air ,from Qingdao port .

* Trade Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF etc.

*  Payment terms: T/T, L/C,Western Union etc.

*  Delivery time: Within 7-15 days after deposit .


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*  We have professional team to provide comprehensive one -stop service for you .

*  Our tyres have passed the Certificates: ISO9001,DOT,CE, REACH etc.

*  OEM/ODM Service  to satisfy different customers requirments.

*  We have first-class production line and strict quality management system.

*  We have big production capacity to guarantee fast delivery and on-time shipment


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 1. How to maintain proper air pressure? 

*  Tyres should be inflated according to current national standards stipulated in the form of air              pressure & loading index. 
*  After inflation tyre should be checked carefully for leak or not,If leak found shall be repaired

   in time. 
*  Tyres in use must be ensured of normal internal air pressure, When long-running or driving, tyre     pressure should be regularly checked. 
*  Long-stay parking, front and rear axles must be set up. High pressure causes crown grinding,         top bursting; low pressure makes tyre deformation and damage.

* Twin tyres fitted must be assured of consistent inflation pressure, do not fit one by a higher

   pressure and another by lower  air pressure. 

2. How to maintain proper loading? 

*  Tyre loads must comply with current national standards. 
*  Do not overloading. Loading goods in vehicles should be distributed evenly to avoid uneven load.

*  Overloading can cause serious abnormal tyre tread wear, shoulder separation, delaminating,toe 

   blasting etc.
*  High ply level and high tyres load index not suitable high-speed driving. 
*  Enhanced design tyres can loaded more properly according to standards of design. 

3. How to maintain proper speed? 


*  Different limits of speed levels with all kinds of tyres, speeding may cause early tyre damage. 
*  Do not speeding, minimize urgent braking and sharp turns in bad road, avoiding of the tyre’s           hitting other objects, especially sharp objects. 
*  High speed tyres will be heated up easily, once its temperature is too high, measures should be       taken timely(e.g.stopping for natural cooling) to prevent the carcass bursting. 
*  High-speed tyres assembled with rims must be tested for balancing weight and calibration. 

4. How to maintain proper storage? 

*  Tyres should be stored in the warehouse avoiding the sunning and raining. 
*  Tyre must be in storage away from heat, ozone, and generator. 
*  Tyres must not be not in storage together with oil, flammable and corrosive chemical materials. 

*  Tyres shall be in storage upright, do not keep it horizontally, pilling up one on top of hanging it by

   center hole. 
*  Tyre should be used firstly in order of first out from production or storage.


5. How to pack and transport properly? 

*  When handling tyre by forklift,do it from side tyres,do not lift it with fork into the center hole of

*  Do not hang or raise tyres by rope, hook or fork directly, do it with wide textile fiber belt. 
*  Sets of tyres shall be wrapped or packed by rope or packing tape for avoiding damage of falling. 

*  Loading goods must be properly distributed into vehicles. 

6. How to do the assembly properly? 

*  Tyres must be fitted to the proper models of vehicles and the wheel, installation and removal of       tyres with specialized tools and equipments, any violent prying and hitting prohibited. 
*  Tyres on the same axle must be the same structure, size, pattern and ply. 
*  Never install bias tyres and radial tyres together. 
*  Directions of tyres funning must be kept consistent to the vehicle when assembly directional

*  Keep chains equipped in tyres symmetrical. If not uninstall it immediately.





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