Y shape facial beauty equipment best microcurrent facial toning device

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Product Overview


Product Description

KAKUSAN Solar energy micro current Double-roller Y massage bar

1. Massage your face with Y shaped roller with dual massage ball slim face.

2. Promote face blood circulation, activate skin cells'metabolism, make skinning and firm.

3. The beauty roller is elegantly designed, light and easy to carry.

4.Usable with water soluble beauty essence, restore skin firmness and elasticity.

5. it's a portable massager, you can enjoy it for relaxation everywhere and good for relaxation everywhere.

How to use


Start with eyebrows, roll slowly from up and down and inside to outside along forehead.


Roll mildly to massage your face.


Roll slowly from up and down to massage the neck.


1.Roll lightly when massage your skin.

2.Don't roll hard or massage repeatedly at the same position for many times. If not,abnormal pain sensations will occur in the skin.

3.Please start at the frequency that every day massage 3 times, each time 3 minutes .Then you can adjust( add or subtract) the massage time according to your skin status.

4.Massage each part equably. Can be used directly after makeup.

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1. Direct Factory Price.

2. No delay, No defect.

3. For all your inquires about us or our products, we will reply you in detail within 24 hours.

4. We offer OEM services. Can print your own logo on product, can customize the retail box packing and other things.

Company Information

About us

KAKUSAN was established by Xiaolin Guo in May, 2009. It is a group company which regards health, happiness, fashion as its philosophy and dedicated to design, development, production and sales of health, beauty and fashion products. It has more than 100 patented products and 160 registered trademarks. Through the effort of all staff, KAKUSAN developed and produced one type of beauty roller and made a miracle of selling 2.6 million pcs of this beauty roller within half a year in 2010 Japan. It got the first sales ranking in Japanese beauty products, Rakuten and TV shopping.

Now, KAKUSAN has been the famous network brand, the largest face massager manufacturer and NO.1 brand of beauty products in China. KAKUSAN has deep cooperation with Takarajima, SASA, OLAY, Bonjour, Dr.Ci:Labo and Alibaba. It got the honor of "2012 Brand Manufacturer" of Alibaba. The company logged in CCTV for 2 years. It was the first brand of its industry to log in CCTV. It marks KAKUSAN's brand value and market influence reached the highest level of its industry. In 2011,Xiaolin Guo, the founder of KAKUSAN was awarded "Baoan top ten network businessman".

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* We have 11 years experience of beauty products industry.

* The ability of develop new product to enlarge your market.

* High quality with best price.

* Prompt delivery time and good service.

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