wuling herbal juncao ganoderma lucidum reishi mushroom spore oil 30.15% triterpene

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 wuling herbal juncao ganoderma lucidum reishi mushroom spore oil 30.15% triterpene

Item Name
ganoderma lucidum reishi mushroom spore oil 30.15% triterpene
30.15% Triterpenoid ,0.15 % polysaccharide

Organic Juncao Ganoderma Extract
100% pure without any additives 
Juncao reishi spore oil contains 15%more unsaturated fatty acid than common spore oil 
boosting immune system,anti-aging,reducing cholesterol and blood pressure ,natural detoxifier,liver protection .            
1-2 softgels/ per time , twice one day 
super concentrated from juncao reishi shell broken spore powder
by using supercritical CO2 extraction technology
Strenghten constitution, improve symptom,anti-aging and so on
Stored in cool and dry place,keep from strong sunlight
Shelf life
24 months



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wuling herbal juncao ganoderma lucidum reishi mushroom spore oil  has  seven kinds of key 

constituents in below .







 What benefits you will get from wuling herbal juncao ganoderma lucidum reishi mushroom spore oil ?


1.Can increase disease resistance and normalize bodily function.
2.Can enhance immune system function.
3.Be benefit to inhibit malignant cells growth, protect liver.
4.It activates heart and blood vessel functions, anti-aging, anti-nerve weakness, be good to decrease high blood.
5.Can improve chronic bronchitis and bronchia astham , anti-hypersusceptibility and beautiful.
6.Can prolong life and anti-aging, pr the skin.


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Company Information







why choose wuling company ?


Our  juncao ganoderma lucidum compares with the Tree ( Duan Mu)Ganoderma Lucidum

mass production of tree-cultivated ganoderma lucidum greatly consumes forest resources, which is not conducive to the rational use of forest resources or environmental protection. But for the cultivation of Juncao reishi,Chinese herbs are used as raw materials, which is more environmentally friendly than tree-cultivated ones; the technology avoids a great deal of ecological disruptions caused by cutting down a large number of trees, and does not have the problem of soil or heavy metal pollution.




              JUNCAO Ganderma Lucidum                  VS              Duan Mu Ganoderma Lucidum
Reducing tree cutting, Protecting enviromentIncreasing tree cutting, Broke environment.
Higher content of active ingredientsLower content of active ingredients
one hyphaha bag grows one fruit body, one bag is used for one year.One wood log grows much fruit body, one log usded for 2-3 years.
No heavy metal pollutionMay take the risk of heavy metal pollution.



                     Cultivation planting process NO PESTICIDE 




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