Hot Sell Sonoscape s6 Medical Hospital Doppler Ultrasound Equipment

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Hot Sell Sonoscape s6 Medical Hospital Doppler Ultrasound Equipment

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The Sonoscape S6 is a multi-functional hand carried Color Doppler ultrasound system which can be
widely used in clinical practice. SonoScape developed this system to satisfy a variety of
clinical requirements such as Radiology, Cardiology, OB/GYN, vascular and small parts.
With the help of powerful software packages, professional transducers, a built-in battery
and other user-friendly designs, the S6 makes it possible for doctors to serve patients
anywhere and anytime without compromise.

15 inch LCD monitor
One button image optimization: M-Tuning
Tissue Harmonic Imaging, Compound Imaging, Trapezoidal Imaging and standard
Freehand 3D Imaging
Intuitive interface and user-friendly control panel
Lightweight, built-in Li-ion battery supports continuous scanning for more than one
hour without power supply
2 universal sockets for quick switch during scanning
Optional socket extender, allows the S6 to connect with 3 transducers at the same time
2 USB 2.0 ports and DICOM 3.0 port, S-video and VGA ports
USB based software upgrade

The Sonoscape S6 is a comprehensive imaging system engineered to meet today's most demanding needs
The Sonoscape S6 can provide professional services for 2B, 4B, CFM, DPI and PW. The Panoramic
imaging technology can provide an extended field of view. By gradually moving the probe
laterally across the anatomy, a series of images are stitched together to show one continuous
image which is wider than the scanning width of the probe, offering a larger reference image
for documentation of spatial relationship between structures. A wide range of transducers can
be used, including high density linear and convex, L-shape surgical probe etc.
   --Freehand 3D imaging;
   --200 degrees wide range trans-vaginal transducer with temperature detection
   --Professional and abundant OB/GYN measurement software
Provides  professional services for color M, CFM, PW, CW, Stear M mode, TDI etc. 
A wide range of transducers can be used, including high frequency linear, high and low
frequency phased array and micro-convex array. The S6 also has professional and abundant
cardiovascular measurement software.
SonoScape is in a strong position to maintain a reliable production capacity of transducers.
We can meet any demand from the customers. Our Trans-rectal transducers and Biplane
transducers are of high quality.
Emerging Applications
The Sonoscape S6 also shows excellent performance in emerging applications, including supporting emergency,
ICU/CCU, and anesthesia applications. The imaging technologies used in the S6 will provide
you with exceptional imaging quality in both near and far fields, greatly improving resolution
and penetration for greater diagnostic confidence. The S6 is compatible with SonoScape’s
high frequency linear transducer, that can reach up to 16MHZ. Biopsy guide is also configured.
MSK/Sports medicine, Breast, Angiology and Vascular, etc.

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