Ethyl Alcohol distillation equipment turnkey project using DCS system

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Product Overview


Alcohol equipment, food grade alcohol equipment, fuel ethanol equipment, dehydration alcohol/ethanol equipment, distillation columns


1. It is a turn-key whole set equipment, simple equipment, less worker, less area, less cost. 
2. We can design, manufacture, install and adjust 500L-1000000L alcohol (ethanol) per day.
3.We can use corn, wheat, cassava, molasses, rice, potato, chinese date, beetroot,sugar cane ect which contains starch or sugar material to produce alcohol.
4. We can do the turn key system or section part.

5. We can improve and rebuild old alcohol(ethanol) production line .


You can choose single distill tower to save money, also can choose 2-8 distillation column to get good quality alcohol(ethanol).






Technology Introduct

Process Flow




Product Description

 Major Product Description

The heat exchanger, column and pressure vessel are the important part of alchol project in Uganda in Uganda in Uganda .


Heat exchanger is a high-efficient heat exchanging equipment used in alcohol, solvent, food ferment, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, refrigeration, organic chemistry, metallurgical industry, suitable for convection heat transfer of liquid to liquid, gas to gas, gas to liquid.

The heat exchanger is divided into shell and tube heat exchanger, spiral plate heat exchanger. And the shell and tube heat exchanger comprises condenser, Pre-heater, Re-boiler, Evaporator, drying machine. The spiral plate heat exchanger comprises non-dismountable and dismountable exchanger.

The heat exchanger is made of carbon steel and stainless steel.


Column is a kind of chemical equipment, which is used to make a close contact between gas and liquid, gas and solid, liquid and liquid, and to complete the process of heat transferring and mass transferring by catalyzing their interaction. Column is used in distillation, absorption, extraction etc..

Column can be divided into plate column and packing column by different structures. The commonly used types are as follows: bubble cap column, packing column, sieve-plate column, dual-flow column, float valve column, rotating disc column etc.


Pressure vessel is a kind of airtight device which can bear pressure and contain gas and liquid. By pressure sustainability, pressure vessel can be divided into low-pressure vessel, mid-pressure vessel, high-pressure vessel; By medium, it can be divided into flammable vessel, non-flammable vessel, toxic vessel, non-toxic vessel, highly toxic vessel; By purpose in the process, pressure vessel can be divided into reaction vessel , heat-exchanging vessel, separation vessel, storage vessel. Our company can produce class, class class  stainless steel pressure vessel.




Company Information


Company Information


Our company is the largest manufacturer of alcohol, fuel ethanol and DDGS high protein feed complete equipment in China.


Our company can design and manufacture class-I, class-Ⅱ, class-Ⅲ pressure vessel.


Our company is capable to design, manufacture, install and adjust 3000t-500000t alcohol complete equipment in the turnkey project.


Production Capability


1). Our company was established in the 1950s, designed and manufactured the first stainless steel distillation column in China.

2).Our company can produce 6 full sets of equipment (including crushing section, liquefying and saccharification section, fermentation section, distillation section and DDGS section) in a month.

3).Among 16 production workshops, 3 workshops are for mechanic manufacture, 5 workshops are for manufacturing process, 8 workshops are for assembling & welding.

4).We own advanced machining equipment and product testing equipment.




Designed capability


1). We own Design License of Special Equipment D1 & D2 Class; Manufacture License of Special Equipment A2 Class; Design License of Special Equipment GC Class.

2). Our company achieves more than 20 patent certificates on distillation, DDGS, and other fields.

3). Our company owns ASME certification, ISO 9001 Quality System Certification, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification & GB/T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification.




Project Operation Process




After-sales Service


1). Our company can provide a sophisticated product after-sale service and can ensure the implementation, maintenance and commission of projects.

2). We can reach the project site after receiving the user’s notification.


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