1.56 Optical Glass Lens

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Product Overview


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Our company is located in Zhenjiang City, which is about 200km west to SHANGHAI, and 80km to the east of NANJING. Originated1997, our Company is a professional optical eyewear manufacturer integrated with designing, production and sales.
Now we are one of the largest manufacturers of optical products in Mainland China. About 95% of our products are exported to Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Australia. We have over 1800 staffs and workers including 150 engineering and technical staffs.
We also have advanced production and inspection machinery and apparatus. Certified by ISO9002 in 1999 and then by ISO9001 in 2001, our company always strives to provide reliable quality products by means of good management.


Product Description



1.56 Lens
ItemMiddle Index 1.56 Lens
Reflective Index1.56
Abbe Value38

Specific Gravity

UV Protection385&400
CoatingTintable hard coated, Non-tintable hard coated; HMC, HMC+EMI, SUPER HYDROPHOBIC
Coating ColorGreen, Blue, Yellow-green, Gold, Magenta, etc.
Power RangeSPH:-6.00~+6.00  CYL:0.00~-6.00

Power Range



Super Flat & Thin
Thinner thickness, with knife-cut edge
Flatter curve
Lighter weight
Various sizes: 55/60/70mm plus power

Normal UV385 & UV400 protection
Blocking UVA and UVB
Protection from the harmful solar rays

Spheric & Aspheric
Cut down aberration of object
Prevent eyes from deformation



Lower specific gravity, lighter than CR39 1.499 lens
Higher ultra-violet rays, protects the eyes from the harm
Better clarity with 90% transmittance

UV420 Blue Cut Len

Bluecut Lens

Our eyes are in danger of high-energy blue light, emitting from electronic equipments, fluorescent lighting and so on. Research indicates that intensive exposure to blue light could cause eye macular degeneration, eye fatigue, and it is more harmful for the new-born infants. Bluecut lens provides a protective shield to such harmful lights by filtering the blue lights between 380-500mm wavelengths.
Available with 1.56, 1.61, 1.67 lenses.

Block Blue Light
Blockage of high-energy blue lights and UV rays
Prevent eye strain and fatigue

Improve Contrast
Enhance contrast of colors
Improve visual acuity and night vision
Reduce glare

Dust Free
Anti-static properties to avoid dust deposition
Easier to clean and keep clean
Reduce the frequency of lens cleaning



Ultraviolet (UV) is part of the light transmitted by the sun, which is very important to our daily lives. However, over exposure to UV radiation, such as from sunlight or sunlamps, could have negative effects to our skin and eyes.

Eyes are the only internal tissues of the body directly exposed to UV light. Millions of people get eye diseases every year from prolonged UV exposure.

UV420 lens helps shield your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun with a high level of broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection.




UV420 Lens Benefits:

---100% protection from UVA & UVB
---Prevent UV lights from aging the eyes
---Prevent UV related eye disorders and diseases



Universe Optical lens is qualified and certificated by ISO FDA and CE.


Optical Exhibitions


Every year, we will exhibit at the following optical exhibitions: Shanghai, Mido, VEE, Silmo, VEW, HK. You can find suitable time and place to talk with us face to face.

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