Japan ionizer alkaline water machine kangen water with platinum coating

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portable alkaline water ionizer

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Japan ionizer alkaline water machine kangen water with platinum coating

Product nameHousehold water ionizerFlow rate2~3L/min
Standby power3.5WTotal electrolytic volume12000L
Pressure of water inflow0.1~0.3MPaElectrode plates5/7/11 plates
Net weight≈2.5kgPH range3.0~11.0
Operation time60 minutesORP+700mV~-600mV



High quality titanium electrode plate 

with platinum coating



1.It can be connected with the faucet to make alkaline water for family.
2.Customers can choose heating function to get warm alkaline water. 

Schematic Diagram:portable alkaline water ionizerportable alkaline water ionizer

--Small molecular group:The water has strong penetrating and dissoving capacity, which makes it easier to be absorbed by the human bady.

--Reducibility:The water has nagative potential and it is antioxidative, helping users remove excess free radical which causes senility.

--PH>7,alkaline:Help people neutralize acidic material in the body to keep an acid-base balanced internal environment.

--Contain many mineral ions such as calcium and magnesium:Supplement minerals to your body.portable alkaline water ionizerInstallation Instruction:portable alkaline water ionizer

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portable alkaline water ionizer

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portable alkaline water ionizer

Founded in 1996,FCH Huayang XinLi Water Treatment has been devoting in the field of water treatment for more than 20 years. Huayang Xinli is an integrated high-tech enterprise which specializes in water treatment, including research, production, sales and service.

We have two product lines: the household product series and the industrial series. The household series includes water filter, water ionizer, hydrogen water generator, hydrogen water machine, and the industrial product series consists of commercial water ionizer, electrolysis sterilizing water generator and water treatment machine.portable alkaline water ionizer 

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