High effect spraying gun paint electrostatic powder coating machine

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Electrostatic Powder Coating Machine is a dry finishing process, using finely ground particles of pigment and resin that are generally electrostatically charged and sprayed onto electrically grounded parts. The charged powder particles adhere to the parts and are held there until melted and fused into a smooth coating in a curing oven. Before coating, the parts to be coated are first pretreated similarly to conventional liquid coated parts. The pretreatment process is normally conducted in series with the coating and curing operatios.


Electrostatic spray machine works:
Electrostatic powder coating equipment (electrostatic spray machine) the powder coating to the surface of the work, under the action of electrostatic powder evenly adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece to form a powder coating, powder coating baked at high temperatures leveling solidified into varying results (the effect of different types of powder coatings) final coating.
This product is widely used in the home appliances, hardware, security door (window), fins, architectural, auto parts, sports equipment, medical equipment, aluminum and other industries.


Operating Instruction:
Connect all the connecting lines and air tubes.
Turn on switch of power supply (lighting indicator is on).
Press the switch of spray gun to adjust voltage required (set by individual, voltage recommended is 60KV-80KV).
Powder is placed into powder feeding barrel.
Press the switch of spray gun and adjust to high-voltage. Start work if the powder is sprayed.


Grounding line is attached with the equipment and must be connected with the spray booth, which is to be connected with special clean ground. Workpieces, hanging articles and support must be connected with grounding line to prevent grounding failure from making discharge sound.
All compressed air must be kept tidy and dry, and has no oil or water. It is recommended that the customer use frozen and dried air sources. If the customer uses general oil-water separator, the oil and water must be regularly discharged in case that the coating ratio will be influenced by water accumulation in air box of powder barrel, solenoid valve and air tubes or too much humidity.
If abnormal powder spray (i.e. bigger or smaller from time to time) happens to new equipment, generally that’s because powder feeding and lending air pressures are not properly adjusted. Powder spray increases as powder feeding air pressure increases. Adjust the powder blending air pressure to a higher level to ensure that powder spray is in uniform.
Powder pump and spray gun should be blown and tidied up with compressed air after they are used for some time.
Pressure regulating valves own locking device, in which “Push” means “off”, “Pull” means “on”. The buttons of various regulating valves should be adjusted to proper position (as is to be indicated by satisfactory powder spray).

Check the following conditions if the air pressure is not enough:
Whether the air pressure in compressor is more than 6kg.
Whether there is a leakage in the air tubes.
Whether pressure regulating valves are in good condition. Generally the pressure regulating valves are easy to adjust, anticlockwise direction to the end (off) or clockwise direction to the end (maximum). Do not regulate them violently. If the pressure can’t be adjusted to a higher level, the equipment will not be used until relevant solutions are found and failures are repaire.


With flat and smooth appearance and workpiece with no deep corners.
High sensitivity and durability.
Thickening resistance to puncture the tip, the low maintenance rate.
With circuit protection, voltage self-adjusting function, to ensure a perfect spraying effect.
High voltage module near the nozzle, low voltage loss, replaceable high voltage components to bring convenience to the maintenance.
Large flow of pneumatic components, in the smaller air pressure, can still achieve higher powder.
All stainless steel for powder cartridge, can not use tools to easily remove all parts and clean.
Two central gas design, so that the needle is no longer needle-guided fluid powder, to enhance the discharge effect, improve the rate of powder.
Rotating atomized air flow is greatly improved coating quality.


Power Voltage: AC110V/AC220V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Sprying Rate: 550g/min.
Input Power: 40W
Electromagnetic Valve Control Power Voltage: DC 24V
Maximum Output Current: 200Ua
Input Air Pressure: 0-0.6Mpa
Output Air Pressure: 0-0.5Mpa
Max. Air Consumption: 13.2m3/H
Output Powder Volume: Max. 550g/Min
Output Power Voltage: 0-100kv
Polarity: Negative
Gun Weight: 480g
Length Of Gun Cable: 4m
Powder Hopper Volume: 45L
Size: 520*520*660mm
V/N Weight: 35kg/28kg
Powder Coating Applicable: All Kinds Of Powder Without The Metals







1 × Manual Powder Gun With Gun Cable
1 × Powder Gun Spare Parts
1 × Control Unit
1 × Powder Injector
1 × Fluidized Powder Hopper
1 × Trolley
1 × Oil-Water Separator
1 × Pressure Regulating Valve


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