magnesium prill beads for hydrogen bath spa

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Magnesium Prill Beads Main Function:

1.Making Kangen water , hydrogen water, alkaline water, micro-cluster water.

2.Restore pH balance in your body

3.Anti-oxidant power strengthen body's immune system

4.Micro-clustered water hydrate cells more effectively

5.Essential minerals maintains optimal health


ORP Magnesium prill beads (Oxidation-Reduction Potential magnesium ball ) is made from pure magnesium 9995. It is with the characteristic of weak alkaline, negative potential, reducibility etc. low dissolution and high safety. Magnesium Orp ball  enhance the stablity of performance of Mgnesium.In the water treatment application, the ball could increase the pH of water in the same time offer the water rich of hydration and low ORP level.  


The orp ball  produce rich hydrogen water. Rich hydrogen water is the natural antioxidant without any side-effect, it can remove harmful free radicals of human body, improve hypertensive and diabetes, strengthen the detoxification function of liver and kidney, improve sub-healthy, inhibite cancer, beaufy and anti-aging, diminish inflammation, repair the damaged cells, and reinforce the memory ability. 


The color is silver white, melting temperature is 650 C, boiling point 1107C,light weight of density 1.74g/cm3. It is strong activity and the oxygen affinity is large, it is usually used as water treatment. 

Put 20g beads into 200ml purity water, Test date as follows:

pH 7.608.208.508.809.309.409.80
H+ (ppb)120200260480560800850

Test proved that negative potential ball will breakdown water molecules soon, release - OH ion, which made water negative potential dropped from +200 mv to 0 mv ~-500mv, adjusted PH value to about 7.5, and many air bubbles produced oxygen-rich water when this ball soaked in the water.

Magnesium Ball Work Principle: Magnesium + H2O will produce the bubble that is hydrogen to making the negative potential alkaline water.  At same time, the magnesium has the reaction with water and produce the Mg (OH)2.The reaction formula is Mg+H2O= Hydrogen+Mg(OH)2.The Mg(OH)2 will continue react with water and produce the Magnesium Ion that is the major element for human body.   

People’s health blood is alkalescence, but pressure will let the body present acidity.By use of negative potential effect to adjust natrium and calcium ions in the blood, make acidity body transfer into alkalescence, so as to adjust body quality, make you feel in forest bath when sit or sleep and resume your spirit. According to  medicine report points out: Negative potential can improve majority diseases, esp. various chronics that modern people is easy to suffer both have eximious effect. Its major functions as following:

1:The PH value of Negative potential water is alkaline, It is easy to balance the lactic acid because of body tired

2:The contents of calcium and magnesium ions of Negative potential water  is higher, this is the health element for body.

3:Due to the solubility of negative potential water is very high,osmotic is very strong, it has the emulsifying capacity to body grease.So it is good for relief sympton of high-cholesterol, hyperlipidemia and high blood viscosity  which from high protein high calorie diet.

4:The negative potential water let your cells have the dynamic and keep health.Can help body to clear the chromate, nitrite, heavy metal and inert metal which are very harmful to the body.

5:Negative potential water can control the reproduction of microorganisms including control the reproduction of germ and algae.It can used in farm, oceanarium and swimming pool etc.

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