1.59 Polycarbonate UV420 Blue cut HMC Anti-reflective Optical Lens

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Product Overview


 1.59 Polycarbonate UV420 Blue cut HMC Anti-reflective Optical Lens




Refractive index1.59
UV Value


Abbe value37.5
Specific Gravity1.15

> 97%

Power range

SPH: 0~ -20.00, 0~ +20.00

      CYL: 0~ -6.00

Hard and AR coating for both lens surface

 Function: Blue block, protect eyes from the damage of ultraviolet and blue light.

Suitable for people who spend a lot working with computer, mobile phone, laptop. Tablet PC.





I. Why we need the blue cut lens?


The most common effects of too much blue light exposure are eye strain, blurred vision, and headaches. However, recent studies have focused on blue light’s negative impact on the circadian rhythm and found that watching TV or using a tablet before bedtime, for example, can result in restlessness and disrupted sleep cycles. In extreme cases, too much blue light exposure can even lead to permanent eye damage and vision loss.


 Children are especially vulnerable because their eyes have not yet developed natural defenses against UV and HEV blue light. Today, a staggering 97 percent of American kids under the age of four use mobile devices, and teens are spending an average of 6.5 hours per day on screens. Now that kids are using more digital devices at home and school starting at a young age, it’s important to protect their eyes as much as possible.


II. How blue cut lens work?




Blue cut lenses can cut 100% UV rays, but don't mean can block 100% blue light, just cut part of the harmful light in blue light, and let the beneficial blue light allowed to pass.



III. 1.59 PC Features:


1) What is the Polycarbonate lens?


Polycarbonate 1.59 index lenses are a thin and lightweight material, that is very resistant to impacts. These also block 100% of UV rays. This material is so tough and shatter resistant that it is also used to manufacture airplane windows. Polycarbonate Lenses are ideal for rimless frames or anyone using their glasses for sporting activities. High performance, virtually unbreakable and scratch resistant.


2) What is the usage of the Polycarbonate lens?


Lighter and thinner than traditional plastic lenses makes Polycarbonate lenses great choice for people with active lifestyles who desire comfort, protection, and performance with a thinner and lighter lens. The High index 1.59 Polycarbonate lens is not only thin and light weight but also very impact resistant making it essential for children’s eyewear and for use as safety lenses.


3) The Scratch Protection of the Polycarbonate Lens.

Polycarbonate is much more impact-resistant than regular glass and plastic lenses because these lightweight lens materials are relatively "soft" — which means they can absorb energy without lens fracturing.

This flexibility also means polycarbonate and Trivex lenses need a scratch-resistant coating to prevent surface scratches. Today's modern scratch-resistant coatings can make the surface of polycarbonate and Trivex lenses nearly as hard as glass.


1.59 Polycarbonate Anti Scratch Hard Coated Polycarbonate Eyeglass Lenses For Outdoor Activities

IV. Coating choices:



Blue cut lenses have four coating film can choose, UC, HC, HMC and SHMC. Different coating have different functions. But generally speaking, our customers don't choose uncoated lens, because the surface of lens is fragile, and easily be scratc


Hard Coating: The uncoated lenses are easily subjicted and exposed to scratches , thanks for hard coating, the lenses can effectly scratch resistance


AR-System: It also called AR coating or hard multi coated, means coat an anti-reflective film on the hard coating. It can perfectly reduce light reflection and glare , enhance functional and charity of your vision .


Top Coat: It means super hydrophobic coating or crazil coating, can make the lenses waterproof, antistatic, anti slip and oil resistance. Generally speaking , super hydrophobic coating can exist 6~12 months.






Jiangsu Aogang Optical is a professional optical lens manufacturer with 20 years of experience in China and over 10 years of exporting experience, covering the areas 12000 square meters and having more than 300 employees. A wide range of product catalog is one of our advantages including index 1.499,1.56,1.60,1.67,1.74,1.59, and bifocal, progressive, photochromic, semi-finished lens and so on, which can guarantee meeting different requirment of our customers. 


 For now, our products have been exported to 13 countries,in cluding United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Poland, America, Brazil and so on. We are deslious to build business relationshipi with you. Aogang Optical aims at serving your company.







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