High Quality Expandable garden hose

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Product Overview


This   hose that uses only water pressure to automatically expand for use and contracts to 65% the size of a typical hose for convenient storage. Its length enables one to reach flower beds as easily as all sides of automobiles without the need for multiple hoses. Its construction includes a durable, multi-layered 3/4" tubular latex inner-diameter hose that generates robust water flow and an outer covering made from strong nylon webbing.Capped on both ends with solid brass fittings that include an integrated valve, its patented design ensures against twists, tangles, or kinks, providing easy maneuverability.

The expandable magic garden hose is easy to use and will instantly contract once the water is turned off.
Benefits: Expands up to 3 times it's original length made to the highest standards in quality,safety and reliability Durable Triple Layer Latex hose to prevent bursting Compacts when the water is turned off making it easy to store Never kinks or tangles.
Automatically expand up to 3 times of its original length when the water is turned on
Contact back to original length instantly when the water is tured off
Strong, durable and light weight,never kink or tangle
Irrigation and washing in the parks, community, factories and families
Pets bathing,hose cleaning
Car washing,garden watering




Color of garden hose
Blue/ Green/Orange/ Black/RED
Feature of garden hose
Size of expandable hose
25FT 50FT 75FT 100FT
Certification for Magic Garden Hose
certificate available
Material of garden hose
Double latex
Usage of garden hose
hose for washing car, watering garden hose,irrigation

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