Promotion ZBL-P8100 Low Strain Pile Integrity Testing

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Promotion ZBL-P8100 Low Strain Pile Integrity Testing



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Product Description

Field of use of Promotion ZBL-P8100 Low Strain Pile Integrity Testing

  • The P8100 Foundation Pile Dynamic Detector is used to assess the integrity of concrete pile and identify the extent and location of the pile defect by using reflected wave method. 

  • It can be used for testing bored concrete pile and hammer pile and also for testing the structures with exposed top surface such as pillars.

  • The P8100 is provided with 2 channels of data acquisition and can acquire data from an accelerometer or an instrumented hammer or from two accelerometers.

Basic Principle of Promotion ZBL-P8100 Low Strain Pile Integrity Testing

         Hit the top of pile with testing hammer to produce stress wave, and the wave may reflect when it meets defect (pile bottom, crack, or soil middle layer) while it run downward through the concrete. The probe placed on the top of the pile receives the reflected signal. The instrument digitally processes the signal in order to judge the quality of foundation pile. According to the time interval between the arrival of the direct wave and first reflected wave, or time interval between the two continuous reflected waves, the depth of foundation pile can be determined by the following equation: D= VP×TP/2  (D - depth of foundation pile, VP – compression wave speed, TP- compression wave spread time)

Features of Promotion ZBL-P8100 Low Strain Pile Integrity Testing

  • Two-channel design can measure reflected wave speed accurately, and it can collect reflected wave at two places.

  • 1MHz high-speed data acquisition makes the minimum sampling time resolution reach 1us, providing more useful information and contributing to the discovery of shallow defects.

  • High Brightness and TFT colorful LCD screen.

  • Store waveform images for each tested pile.

  • New wavelet processing method can effectively judge the integrity of foundation pile in complex situation.

  • Water-proof; protection class reaches IP65.

  • Key and touch screen

  Technical parameters of Promotion ZBL-P8100 Low Strain Pile Integrity Testing





Control Mode

A8 Embedded platform


5.7 inch,High brightness, TFT color LCD screen

Data Storage


Operation Mode

key+touch screen

Sentinel magnify (time)

1,2,5,10,20,50,100 adjustable

A/D resolution (bit)

true 24 bits A/D

Sampling time intervals(μs)

1~64000 adjustable

Max length of sampling



Signal trigger,

Noise voltage of the system (mV)


Dynamic range(dB)


Amplifier frequency range(Hz)


Max storage length


Amplitude nonlinear degree


Time value error


Time resolving power(us)


Gain error(dB)


Continuous working time(h)


Number of channels


Interference between the channels


Transducer/Probe Sensitivity

(acceleration mode)(mv/g)


Frequency range of Probe

(Acceleration probe) (Hz)

0.5 ~ 9000

Transmission port

double USB



Warranty and Price

Beijing ZBL Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is the original manufacturer of ZBL Products, so we can offer you the best price, and meanwhile guarantee the quality of ZBL Products.


Our products have three-year warranty.

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Company Information

Beijing ZBL Science and Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2002, is primarily engaged in the R&D, production and sale of Intelligent nondestructive testing equipments. ZBL is a national high-tech enterprise, identified as a key strategic enterprise under the Beijing City ”Gazelle plan”, and are also members of the professional committee of nondestructive testing. Our company has independently developed a series of advanced equipment including Rebar scanners, Ultrasonic Detectors, Rebar Rust Detectors, Foundation Pile Dynamic Detectors and Crack Detectors etc. In total more than ten classes and over thirty different categories of products have been crafted by ZBL, while over forty relevant intellectual property rights have been granted. We have participated in the compilation of 4 national level and 5 provincial level engineering quality standards. Our products are exported to worldwide clients in such countries as Japan, India, Italy, and Nepal. ZBL employees will continue to forge ahead, innovate and persist relentlessly towards our vision of “being the leading enterprise of the nondestructive testing field”.






Production Flow

 My company has more than 100 employees, and is primarily engaged in the R&D, production and sale of Intelligent nondestructive testing instruments.






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