Internationally certified APC products 6inch Dry Barrel outdoor Fire Hydrant

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Product Overview


Internationally certified APC products 6inch Dry Barrel outdoor Fire Hydrant 



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Product Description


Nominal pressure: 250PSI

Design Standard: AWWA C502

Inlet flange size: 6 ”(DN150), main valve size: 133.4mm / 5-1 / 4”
Fire truck interface thread is 4.5-4NH; two hose thread interfaces are 2.5-7.5NH;
Thread standards are also available on request

Water inlet diameter: 6 ”AWWA / ANSI C153 /
A21.536, Model: MH-1510A
French connector meets 6 ”ASME B16.5 CLASS 150 / DIN 2501
PN16, model: MH-1510FA

Spray paint details: upper body: red polyurethane paint, lower body: black asphalt paint or according to customer
Customer requirements

Note: Each fire hydrant comes with a wrench
Certification: UL246, FM1510


(1) Fire hydrants should be properly placed to avoid collision. It is recommended to keep before using.

(2) When the fire hydrant is not in use, the threads and machined parts should be coated with anti-rust oil; Fire hydrants should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouses.

(3) If it is to be stored for a long time, it should be inspected regularly to remove the oil and rust on the surface in time.And replace the anti-rust oil.

(4) Before installation, make sure that all interfaces are clean and free of dust or any debris.

(5) The installation position of the fire hydrant should meet the requirements of local use. General fire truck pumps. One end of the interface should face the street, and all interfaces should be away from any obstacles for easy connection.
Pipe interface

(6) The water inlet elbow should be placed on a solid surface.
Its side opposite the water flow is propped up to reduce reaction stress.

(7) The underground part of the fire hydrant should be surrounded by coarse gravel for support and drainage.

(8) After installing and testing the fire hydrant, it is recommended to completely
Flush fire hydrants for repairs. Before replacing the nozzle cover, it is recommended to close the valve
Check that the hydrant is properly drained. This can be done by placing your hand on the nozzle opening Come up and realize that you should feel suction.




Our Services


Company Information


Ningjin APC Industries Co., Ltd

1. Leading manufacturer specialized in development and production of Fire Protection Valves, Industrial Valves, and Marine Valves in North China;


2. Owning valves research center, more than 30 engineers, including 10 senior engineers and 2 American experts;


3. Possesses own foundry, machine workshop, coating workshop, assembling workshop, and quality control system;


4. Offer OEM/ODM Service;


5. Under the management of ISO System, APC has won many international certificates, like API 6D, API 609, CE, PED, AD, DNV, LR, BV, especially FM/UL in Fire Protection Industry.




APC currently provides the following FM/UL Valves and service:
1. FM/UL/ULC Standard 200PSI Rising Gate Valve, including Flanged End, Flanged*Grooved, and Grooved End type
2. FM/UL/ULC Standard 200PSI Non-Rising Gate Valve including Flanged End, Flanged*Grooved, and Grooved End type
3. FM/UL/ULC Standard 300PSI Rising Gate Valve
4. FM/UL/ULC Standard 300PSI Non-Rising Gate Valve
5. FM/UL/ULC Standard 300PSI Swing Check Valve
6. FM/UL/ULC Standard Vertical Type Indicator
7. FM/UL/ULC Standard Wall Type Indicator
8. FM/UL/ULC Standard 300PSI Grooved Butterfly Valve
9. FM/UL/ULC Standard 300PSI Wafer Butterfly Valve
10. FM/UL Standard HydrantThe products above are only for fire protection use





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