2020 Ugiaya 1 hour super Rapid Readout Biological Indicators For Steam Sterilization UGBI0101

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Product Overview


1-hour rapid reader:

1 hours Rapid Auto Reader Incubator and biological indicator adopts spectrum analysis technology to monitor the fluorescence changes of the Bacillus Stearothermophilus and Bacillus Subtilis with special enzyme to rapidly judge whether there is surviving spores. The Reader is compatible with most popular rapid readout biological indicators in the market and can be used to validate the sterilization efficacy of sterilizers. The Rapid incubation Reader is able to make judgments within 1  hours to ensure implantation operations can be carried out in time, and in the meantime, a report can be printed for traceability.


Biological indicator (consumables):






- 121  gravity  steam sterilization cycles;


- 132  vacuum steam sterilization cycles.

3 hours Rapid Auto Reader Incubator and biological indicator


3 hours Rapid Auto Reader Incubator and biological indicator

3 hours Rapid Auto Reader Incubator and biological indicator

Fulcare(A Member of Ugaiya Company Groups)

3 hours Rapid Auto Reader Incubator and biological indicator


UGAIYA Bio-Sciences Co., Ltd, headquartered in Japan, specializes in providing a diversity of medical and Bio-medical instruments/consumables that contribute to many major working flows, which are identified with hospitals, healthcare centers and bioresearch institutions.


We Fulcare, as the member of Ugaiya Group in China, distinguish ourselves by providing satisfied customers with integrated solutions to hospital CSSD, OT, Medical Pipeline System, Blood Bank, Inpatient & Outpatient Pharmacy Automation, Bio-medical Laboratories, Rehabilitation Center, etc.


Our specialized products and one-stop Turnkey projects have been acknowledged and exported to many customers all over the world.


As always we are looking for distributors and customers around the world and appreciating your kindly inquiries anytime.



Why choose us?


I Products we have for you:


Here we have all for you now and in the future!


u  CSSD: Rapid readout for sterilization processes including EO, plasma, and steam;


u  OT Purification: We provide an integrated OT purification solution starting from consultation, design, device proposal, and installation as well as after-sales service.


u  Medical Pipeline System: We provide an integrated medical pipeline system starting from consultation, design, proposal, and installation as well as after-sales service.


u  Lab: We provide a full line of products from transportation & storage, BSC, RO, TMS (temperature management system) to SMS (sample management system).


u  Blood bank: Here we have products covering blood collection, separation to freezing storage as well as full range of consumables.


u  Family healthcare: Lancets/insulin pen needle (diabetes), plasma air sterilizer, medical intelligent band (SPO2+heart rate inspection) for your health guarantee.


u  Rehabilitation Center:Including but not limited to wheel chair, ultra-short wave therapy equipment, microwave therapy apparatus etc.


u  Nursing care: Nursing smart bidet;


u  Urology DepartmentUrine Dynamics system.


u  Surgical surgeryPlasma surgery system, Suture/skin stapler.


u  Hospital accessories: surgical dressing materials and hospital uniform


u  Moreover: Other products you are interested in.



Contact Us:


UGAIYA Bio-Sciences Co., Ltd

Uaigya Groups Headquarter: Nishifunahashi 2-47-11, Hirakata City, Osaka, Japan, 573-1122

TEL: +81 72 808 6840 (Japan HQ)

Uaigya Groups in China: 10-216,Xixin Road 3, High-tech Area, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, 611730

TEL: +86 13438855942(China) 

Uaigya Groups Singapore: 192 Pandan Loop #04-18, Singapore 128381

TEL: +65 6779 6166 (Singapore)

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