AOSIF 100 kw diesel generator silent 100kw generator weight

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Price:RUB 758,180.00
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Product Overview


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Product Description

AOSIF Factory direct sale 60kw 70kw 80kw 90kw 100KW 110KW 120kw price diesel generator


Genset AC138
Voltage 110v-480v
Engine 6BTA5.9-G2
Prime Power/Standby Power 100KW/120KW
Alternator with International famous brands or good quality China brands
Controller with International famous brands or good quality China brands
Circuit Breaker with International famous brands or good quality China brands
Type Open/Silent
Fuel Tank Base Tank,External Daily Fuel Tank
Optional supporting products Moveable/Trailer Type Diesel Generator /Synchronization System   Automatic Transfer Switch /Dummy Load  Day Tank


AOSIF Generator Supply Scope 

1. Engine:    Brand-new engine.
2. Alternator:   Brand new brushless alternator, single bearing, IP23, H insulation class.
3. Base Frame: Heavy duty steel channel base frame.
4. Radiator:  With safety guard.
5. Vibration Damper Vibration damper between Engine/Alternator and base frame
6. Breaker:  3-pole output manual circuit breaker as standard,  4 poles for option
7. Controller:     DSE6120, DSE7320, DSE8610 and other models,  MRS10, MRS16, AMF20, AMF25 for option.
8. Silencer:   Heavy duty industrial type silencer with flexible bellow,elbow.   
9. Battery:     Varta Brand,high capacity sealed maintenance free battery c/w battery cables.
10. Fuel Tank:  8 hours base fuel tank 
11. Tool Kits & Manuals: Standard tool kits and complete operation/maintenance/manuals for Generator/Engine/Alternator/control panel, etc.


with C  engine

Generator model Engine model Prime power Standby power Size (mm)
KW KVA KW KVA open type silent type
AC110 6BT5.9-G1 80 100 88 110


AC110 6BT5.9-G2 80 100 88 110 2150×830×1380
AC138 6BTA5.9-G2 100 125 110 138 2230×850×1450 2900×1050×1950
AC149 6BTAA5.9-G2 108 135 119 149 2300×860×1500


with P  engine

Generator Model Engine Model Prime power Standby power Size (mm)
KW KVA KW KVA Open Type Silent Type
AP88 1104A-44TG2 64 80 70 88 1800×650×1200 3000×1050×1600
AP110 1104C-44TAG2 80 100 88 110 1850×700×1200 3050×1100×1600
AP150 1006TAG 108 135 120 150 2250×800×1280 3450×1200×1680
AP165 1006TAG2 120 150 132 165 2300×900×1560 3500×1300×1960


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