10-13W bulb light power supply High PF variable voltage led driver

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High PF 10-13w bulb light Power supply constant current built-in Led driver

Product  Parameters:

Product parameters
Product Name: 10-13W bulb light power supply (lightning strike 2.5KV)
Input voltage: 100-265V
Output voltage: 45-80V
Output current: 120mA±5%
Product size: 39*26(16)14mm
Product Warranty: 2 years
Capacitor/IC Brand: AiSHi (Ai Hua) / Jing Feng Mingyuan
Note: This driver uses a professional chip, the output voltage will be automatically adjusted according to the connected lamp beads, the circuit with over-current protection, short circuit protection, open circuit protection.
14-7W universal built-in power supply, suitable for led lamps such as bulb lights and candle lamps, can drive 4-7 string led lamps, crystal abundance IC Aihua electrolysis, isolation high efficiency.
Precautions: This product is an electronic product. The use of installation requires professional lighting manufacturers to install. The installation process must wear an electrostatic wristband to avoid electrostatic damage to the product.
Warranty:  The product is driven at an ambient temperature of 25°C for 8 hours per day. The temperature inside the luminaire is -30-75° and the warranty period is two years.


Product Characters:
1, Use special chips, constant current, output voltage is adjustable according to voltage of the connected led doides. Over circuit protection, Short circuit protection, open circuit protection.
2, Small size design,low noise, safe.

3, Use high efficency, low consumption, steady imported chips, It's not only energy save, enviromental, but also constant output current, which ensure Leds safety, improve Led effiency, deduce Luminance decrease

 4, AC input, no need to distinguish  between positive and negative poles
 5, Output side red for positive, white for negative


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