Hansel plush animal toy ride on monkey

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Hansel plush animal toy ride on monkey

plush animals


We are manufacture of  motorized animals and have product the animals for over 10 years in Guangzhou,A lot of our clients start the motorized animals with the help of us,We offer the best pre-sale sevices and after-sale services for every client,So they build long term business replationship with us,Look at the pictures of our customer's business cases,How happy they are!

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Advantages of Hansel plush motorized animals

A. Safety is the first consideration for Hansel walking animals. Green painting of tube, fireproof plush and fine texture, soft, not wool, not ball, don't rub off

B.Simple and easy investment, fast and high profits.

C. Sales and technicians have been doing motorized animal business for 8 years.So we can always give you more professional support.

D. Free spare parts for maintenance, 24 hours on line service




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Hansel plush motorized animals details:

Material: black paint steel tube frame (external diameter: 25mm,thickness:2mm ),fireproof animal design plush cover

Control box: time ,coins , volume ,music control,1-9 coins to play 1-19 minutes

Coin Counter: LED display, can not be cleared till 100000 

Diameter range of token: 18-30mm.

Thickness range of token: 1.2-2.5mm.

Battery: chargeable, 12v/22A , charge 4-6 hours to play 6-8 hours

Charger: 12V/1.5A charger, one charger for one machine

Music: In SD card, can change music by yourself

Speed: 30-60m/min, the speed is related to the ground and weight of players. The more smooth of the ground, the faster of the rides.

Bearing Capacity: 150kgs (Parents can ride with kids)

Player: 1-88 years, fun for all people

Available place: shopping mall, amusement park, supermarket, indoor playground, game center, parties, events, show,school playground,family yard, etc

Certificate: CE,ASTM

Main market:Hansel plush ride on animal toy are sold to over 100 countries. They are most popular in European and South American countries such as USA, Spain, France, UK, Colombia,Russian Federation, Chile, Venezuela, Netherlands, etc.

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1.Why should I purchase Hansel plush motorized animals?

A. Plush motorized animal are very popular among the world market, people from all ages like playing them with Its nice appearance. It could help them to enhance family relationship and bring a happy childhood for kids.

B. Simple and easy investment could bring you fast and high profits. Usually the European and American clients can get money back within 10 days.

C. We use fireproof plush with cotton inside which is very soft and safe,the structure inside is mental frame which is very stronger to bear a weight of 130kg.and with Its good performace,our clients liked them very much.


2.Feedback from clients about Hansel plush motorized animals

Hansel plush motorized animals have enjoyed good reputation all over the world. Usually the clients can give reorders within 15 days after running business.


3.Models of Hansel plush motorized animals

There are 50 different animal designs for your choices. we are also the original designer of our animals,so some of the designs are unique,like the Unicorn,squirrel,fox,monkey,ect.

4.Why choose Hansel company?

(1).Best services for pre-sale and after-sale.

(2).Fast Production and delivery.We have long term relationships with our shipping agent,and we have already corperated with him for years.

(3).All the material are original with high quality control.

(4).We have Over 10 years experiences in foreign trade,We can provide you professional suggestions when we talk about business cases.

(5).We are in kids amusment equipment industry,we can help you buy the related product in our industry for you.

Hansel plush animals workshop

Customer come to visit

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Motorized Animals are also called animal toy rides, animal walking rides, animal electric rides, shopping mall rides on animals, animal electric rides, happy rides on animals, plush motorized riding animals, mall rides on animals ,plush motorized animals, coin operated rides on animals, stuffed rides on animals, plush toy rides, plush electric animal scooters, 4 wheels animal bikes, electric animal battery car, battery operated ride on animals, mall rides on animals, zippy toy rides, etc. 

Package and delivery of motorized animals

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Hansel Main Products:

Plush motorized animals: it is very popular with people from all ages all around the world,and people from all ages can take a ride on it.So far, we have over 50 different animal designs for your choices,it is suitable for shopping mall,amusement park,outdoor playground,street,game center,Party,ect.The main markets are European and South American countries such as USA, Spain, France, Russian Federation, Chile, Netherlands, etc.


Coin operated fiberglass kiddie ride: kiddie rides ,Carousel rides, mini train, revolving elevator, helicopters, bumper cars, track trains,etc. Hansel company can supply over 100 different models of children rides which can meet most of our clients demands.The most popular designs are cars, motors, some animal designs, trains,etc. We have successfully installed bumper cars area for our clients in different countries such as Iraq, Armenia, Pakistan, etc.


Soft playground:  You never know what you are going to find at Hansel indoor playground as we are constantly on the search for new and exciting playground equipment. However, one thing that we can guarantee is our indoor play facility for kids is always going to feature some of the equipment that kids seem to enjoy most, including Slides,Ball pits,Climbing structures,Inflatable structures,Child-sized jungle gym,etc. 

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Welcome to acquire more information about our products. :-)



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