Hollow cheap colored square clear art building solid glass block

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Hollow cheap colored square clear art building solid glass block

Prodcut description

 Hollow cheap colored square clear art building solid glass block

Applications 1. Commercial & hospitality Interior and exterior decoration
2. Restaurants
Product details 1.Art glass type Kiln casting art glass, fused glass
2.Thickness available 190*190*80mm
3.Maximum size 190*190*80mm
4.Glass material Clear float glass, tinted glass
5.Textures Over 30 unique textures, including sand, relief pattern, cloud, stone, waves, water flow etc.
7.Colors Customized. Coloring methods including: tinted glass, painting, fused color.
8.Packing Standard exporting packing. Wooden crate with shock-proof material inside.1 crate can load 100 kgs glass.
Ordering process 1.Sample For customized or catalog designs, get samples approved before ordering.
2.Payment terms and condition 1) 30% deposit received.
2) fully completed the production.
3) payment in full prior to shipment
3.Remarks 1) For breakage occured in tempering process, it is out of Linhao’s control, cost will be covered by Linhao but the expected date will be delayed.
2) For breakage occurred in transporting process, one half of glass cost will be splited by Linhao. Breakage glass photoes should be delivered to Linhao in time.

Hollow cheap colored square clear art building solid glass blockFireproof:

Our art glass block havs good functions of fire resistant. Its grad of fire resistant is GB A grade. The maximum of fire resistant is more than 72 minutes. Glass block not only can improve the high decorative effects but also can reach the standard of frie resistance.

Light transmission:

Our glass block has the characteristics of high transmission and non-perspective. The transmittance coeffecient of clear color glass block is from 75% to 85%. The glass blocks are with many figures on the surfaces make the room to be full of soft light and comfortable feeling through the diffusion of light as glass block can diffuse lights.


Heat Insulation:

Our glass blocks are better in heat insulation. Through diffusion of hollow glass blocks and its inner negative pressure cavity. It can get relieving in room under stronger sunshine and high temperature in summer. In winter, its lower thermal conductivety and negative pressure middle cavity prevent the big loss of heat. Is is a environment friendly materials.Hollow cheap colored square clear art building solid glass block

Sound Insulation:

Hollow glass blocks are best material in sound insulation.  in all materials which collects light. Hollow glass block with a sealing negative pressure air makes it higher sund insulation property.


Environment Protection:

Glass block is a new type of architectural & decorative materials. As a green glass product, glass blocks are belongs to the prospective building material.

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Hollow cheap colored square clear art building solid glass block

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