High quality Com Colors ink for 9150 printer , prints more,does not block the inkjet head,color standard

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Price:RUB 4,477.20 - RUB 7,512.58
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Product Overview


RISO ComColor ink 1RISO ComColor ink 2RISO ComColor ink 3RISO ComColor ink 4RISO ComColor ink 7RISO ComColor ink 6RISO ComColor ink 10RISO ComColor ink 8RISO ComColor ink 9RISO ComColor ink 11RISO ComColor ink 12RISO ComColor ink 13RISO ComColor ink 14RISO ComColor ink 15RISO ComColor ink 16RISO ComColor ink 17 


 Machine type  Ink cartridge   model  Color  Volume

 3150 / 7150 ink

 3110 / 9150 ink

 7110 / 9110 ink


 S-6701 ink  K  1000ml        
 S-6702 ink  C
 S-6703 ink  M
 S-6704 ink  Y



 S-6709  K
 S-6710  C
 S-6711  M
 S-6712  Y

 FW1230 / FW5230

 FW5231 / FW5000

 S-7250  K
 S-7251  C
 S-7252  M
 S-7253  Y

 HC5500 / HC5000

 S-4670  K
 S-4671  C
 S-4672  M
 S-4673  Y

 GD9630 / GD9631



 S-7280  K
 S-7281  C
 S-7282  M
 S-7283  Y




 S-7295  K
 S-7296  C
 S-7297  M
 S-7298  Y
 3050 / 7050 / 9050  S-6300  K
 S-6301  C
 S-6302  M
 S-6303  Y
 7050R/9050R   S-6308   K
 S-6309   C
 S-6310   M
 S-6311   Y





Our X1 9150 ink formula is environmentally advenced, the ink is producted in dust-free workshops which uses equipment imported from Germany, its quality has reached the international frontier level. The ink is environmentally and tasteless, its pigment particles are fine and even, no agglomeration, Its color is standard and printing effect is clear. prints more,does not block the inkjet head,color standard



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With a professional team and production capacity, Shibakawa can provide the following services to quality partners and continuously improve.
1: OEM, customized service (such as packaging appearance, capacity or other requirements)
2: Product advertising design to help you promote and generate more sales.
3: Machine and machine accessories.
4: Perfect and friendly after-sales service



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