8 channel 10A network relay IP/ Ethernet access controller TCP MODBUS 8 in 8 out of the switch transmission

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E3F-DS50C4 3-Wire Infrared Sensor Photoelectronic Switch Module

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E3F-DS50C4 3-Wire Infrared Sensor Photoelectronic Switch Module

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8 way 10A relay controller, with normally open and normally closed output. 8 way switch input. Can be used for intelligent home control, can be used for the two development of mobile phone or computer remote control electric lights, motors, and other electrical equipment. Can also be used for the detection of power outages in the room, can be connected to the human body infrared sensor, can be connected to the button switch, can be connected with smoke alarm output. Provide C++ source code. Reliable network connection, network disconnection can automatically reconnect.In TCP service mode, can support 4 network connections (spike on the market only to support a network connection), the use of 32 bit microcontroller (spike on the market STC8 bit microcontroller),Very convenient network parameter setting software.Support MODBUS TCP, can connect with kingview.


Product feature:


1, support the work of the TCP server.TCP client.UDP.

2, working in the TCP server mode supports 4 client connection.

3, support the MODBUS TCP protocol, support kingview.

4, support online updates, very convenient customized program.

5, you can customize the device name, support Chinese definition, when not recording equipment and more cumbersome IP no..

6, you can customize the heartbeat packet time, broken network recovery reliability.

7, using the high performance of Cortex-M3 32-bit microcontroller stm32f103c8, and is not available in the market, the 8 bit microcomputer and network chip used is w5500 hardware protocol, and ENC28J60 is not the low cost.

8, can work in the switch transmission mode.

9, there are three firmware download through the configuration project, namely general switch transmission firmware, firmware, firmware access. Generic firmware is working in slave mode, command control, switch quantity transmitting firmware, is used in pairs, which the input of a control another output, each corresponding to the input control output of another relay. Access the firmware, can read head with 4 Wiegand protocol 26.




Power supply: 9-24V DC power supply, not less than 2A.

Output: 8 relay output, each maximum power of 2 kilowatts, the maximum current of each channel is 10A, the maximum voltage 250V (AC or DC can be), no voltage output, the output is the relay switch.

Input: input switch, passive or active, active 5V.

Network parameters: inter gateway control (to set the routing and forwarding), remote control to solve their own problem of dynamic IP (router every time you start the distribution of public IP is not the same).

The control instruction is very simple

Send on1 to open the first relay, send off1 off the first road relay, the 2-8 control method. Send read to read the state of the relay, such as the return of relay00000001, said the first road relay, relay off 2-8 road. Delay control, for example, to send on1:02 and said relay 2 seconds after release, send on:12 said relay 12 seconds after loosen, delay the longest 99 seconds.


Product use:


Can be used for access control, controlling the opening of the computer, remote control electric appliance, pick up the smoke alarm output, can be connected with the human body infrared sensor output, switch button can be connected, can be connected to any passive switch input can also be connected with the active power switch input (5V active switch). Can control the network, mobile phone remote control (mobile phone APP to their own R & D).


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