Flexible Nozzle Spider Arm Air Knife For Drying Machine

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        Spider Arm Knife is made of numerous tests and practical experience,its pioneering design concept,will enhance the drying effecicency of drinks and beverage industry, air knife drying system of the beverage industry at the same time, greatly reduces the energy consumption of the systems.The traditional air knife using for wine, beverage filling production line, have a drying air knife blind because the two wind blowing force of cutter is offseting each other,otherwise,the air knife can not close to the bottles due to large volume of the bottle and guardrail, the drgree of drying systems can not adjusted.The invention of Spider Arm Air knife can make the problem solve smoothly..





Spider Air knife Instruction:


1) Model coding of spider arm air knife, for example SPD-A-B-C-D, the total length of the order is 2000mm,the air diffuser diameter is 76mm, number of two side nozzles is 44 pieces, number of underneath nozzles is 3 pieces, so the model you need to order is SPD-A76-B2000-C44-D3


2) The conventional caliber of the air nozzle is 25*1.8mm.


3) When you order, please tell us the numbers of air nozzle with different length, for example, need 300mm*24, 600mm*6, 150mm*3.


4) The main body of spider air knife is SUS304, material of air nozzle is Polyoxymethylene (POM),can be used for a long time in the temperature range of -50 ~110 degree C without aging deformation,It has wear resistance and good temperature resistance.


5) If you still have other request, please contact us.( luomeiele(at)163.com )


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1) Can be used for harmful gases, dust, hot and cold air barrier free separation, printing paper to the paper blowing and printing dry.


2) Can be used in food, medicine rapid heating, thawing and high temperature sterilization.


3) Especially suitable for ultrasonic cleaning, glass cleaning machine, circuit boards, electroplating parts, coating, coating, non-ferrous metal plate / wire production in various industries, such as water drying process.


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