Best Selling Items on Ebay Electric Eraser Kit with 20 Eraser Refills For Consumer

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Best Selling Items on Ebay Electric Eraser Kit with 20 Eraser Refills For Consumer

  • CORDLESS, COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT - Offers precise control and ideal for drawing, drafting, architectural plans, arts and crafts, etc. Can easily fit in a pocket or bag for taking anywhere you need to go.
  • EASY, ONE-BUTTON OPERATION - Simple push of the button and a light touch are all that’s required to remove marks.
  • VERY POWERFUL AND PRECISE - Eraser uses a circular motion to get precision results and only erase the lines or areas you want erased
  • WIDE RANGE OF USES - Ideal for Artists, Students, Animators, Architects, Teachers, Kids and more
  • REFILLABLE & BATTERY POWERED - Comes with 20 eraser refills and cleaning brush. Requires 2 - AAA Batteries that are not included
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Honestly, it's got a noise to it, but nothing that's all that intrusive. It's at its noisiest when not touching paper and you press the button anyway. It's just a kind of quiet buzzing that I'd compare to an electric toothbrush.
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Hi! Changing the eraser is simple: Pull the metal sheath that holds the eraser out of the unit until you can grasp the old eraser and pull it out. Simply put a new eraser back in its place and adjust how much eraser sticks out of the metal sheath. Push the sheath and the new eraser back into the unit. Another trick for when the eraser gets dirty is to run the dirty part on an emory board or sand block until its clean.
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This is perfect for colored pencils. I brought this for my adult coloring books and love it. It works in small areas, lifts the pigment quickly without ruining the paper

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