The hot sale popular durable commercial Venlo glass greenhouse

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The hot sale popular durable commercial Venlo glass greenhouse

The Glass Greenhouse is characterized by high light-transmitting rate, beautiful appearance, simple construction and stable structure, suitable for the plants of great demands for sunlight. The Glass Multi-Span Greenhouse is specialized with 3 roofs every span, every span double slopes. The skeleton materials of the greenhouse is made by galvanized steel materials, connected by galvanized and anti-rot bolts and screws, no welded point. And the Greenhouse can be used for exhibition, seed-breeding, flower or vegetable market or mall, ecological restaurant, teaching or scientific research, etc

Span Width
Section Width
Side Height
3m - 7m

Skeleton Material
Hot galvanized steel with 275g/m2
Cover Material
4mm/5mm Glass

Option System

Eight major systems

  ①Ventilation System      ②Shading System 
 ③Cooling System            ④Heating System 
  ⑤Irrigation System          ⑥Seedbed System 
⑦Hydroponics System    ⑧Control System 


All the frames and fittings of the greenhouse are hot-dip galvanized aluminum profiles
Advantages of hot galvanizing

1, low cost of treatment: the cost of hot dip galvanized rust prevention is lower than the cost of other paint coating;
2, durable: in the suburban environment, the standard galvanized rust thickness can be maintained for more than 50 years without repair;In urban or offshore areas, the standard hot dip galvanized rust protection layer can be maintained for 20 years without repair;
3, good reliability: galvanized layer and steel is metallurgical combination, become a part of the steel surface, so the durability of the coating is more reliable;
4, the coating toughness is strong: galvanized layer formed a special metallurgical structure, this structure can withstand mechanical damage in transport and use;
5, comprehensive protection: each part of the plating can be coated with zinc, even in the pits, sharp corners and hidden places can be fully protected;
6, save time and effort: galvanized process than other coating construction method is faster, and can avoid the installation of the site after the time required to brush.
7, early cost is low: in general, the cost of hot dip zinc than other protective coating is lower, the reason is very simple, other protective coating such as sand paint is labor-intensive process, on the contrary, hot dip zinc process for high mechanization, close control of the factory construction.

Hot dip galvanized aluminum inverted V beam

Hot dip galvanized aluminum truss beam

Hot dip galvanized aluminum gutter

Bolt the posts together

Covering Materials

Hollow Glass: beautiful and durable, sound-insulating and heat-insulating, dust-proof and fog-proof.

System configuration

①Ventilation System(Open the window)

The ventilation systems in our company consist of Roof Ventilation Systems and Side Ventilation Systems according to the difference of the installation position. The Roof Ventilation Systems include the Roof Track-Cross Ventilation System and Roof Row-Rack Ventilation System. The Side Ventilation System refers to the side Cooling-Pad Ventilation System. Moreover, we also supply the Roof or Side Plastic-Film Reeling Ventilation System (Manual or Electric). 

Side Cooling-Pad Ventilation System

Main Accessories: gear motor, pinion for row-rack ventilation system, hollow rack, shaft-bearing plate, rack-window connector,etc.

②Shading System 
The Shading system can keep out redundant sunshine, preventing the plants from being burned in the greenhouse. And it can regulate the heat or reduce the cost for the operations.
Outside Shading System is fixed above the frame of greenhouse, supported by the uprights and beams. Outside shading net is made by black and round-wire materials and fastened by black polyester strings.

③Cooling System 

Our company is specialized at the products of cooling pads and fans, usually used cooperatively. The cooling pads are installed on one side of the greenhouse, the exhaust fans, the other. (The air-circulating fans are installed in the greenhouse.) The exhaust fans eject the air from the greenhouse (The air-circulating fans promote the circulation of the air in the greenhouse), negative pressure formed in the greenhouse. The air enters the greenhouse through the cooling pads, resulting in the effects of cooling, moistening and air-dedusting.

Cooling principle

Heavy-Hammer Type Exhaust Fan

A) The frame, structured by thick galvanized steel sheet which is has strong anti-corrosion property, is made by the CNC bending machine, CNC shearing machine and the technology of CNC punch processing.
B) The frame has strong hardness and great toughness, which can be in service for long time.
C) The automatic belt regulator is equipped to preventing the belt from falling off, not necessary to regulate manually during the service period of belt.
D) The blades, driven by the belt through the motor, are shaped by reasonable style and angle, punched and twisted to be framed, passing the test of dynamic balance and the test of static balance, ensuring the strong blasts of air through them and the low noise that is caused.
E) The louver, made by aluminum alloy or galvanized steel, has the special switching structure, pneumatic type, ensuring itself turn on and off perfectly and functioning as the role of wind-proof, rain-proof and dust-proof.

Air-Circulating Fan

A) The motor has the great performance of rain-proof, wind-proof and dust-proof, passing the destructive test of 360 hours. It works in low noise and can be in service for long time.
The shell is designed by the principle of air collector, advanced energy-saving technology, and thermally protecting auto-system.
B) The blade is punched by the light aluminum materials, large tilting angel, great blast capacity and low noise.
C) The accessories are made by the superior thin steel sheet, light and beautiful, easy to install.
D) The blast capacity can be optimized and designed by CAD, ensuring the air circulation and uniformizing the temperature, humidity, and the concentration of CO2.
E) You can choose the different frame, made by stainless steel or painted steel.

 Cooling Pad

④Heating System

Heating System of Greenhouse refers to a set of suitable heating facilities chosen to meet the heating demands, consisting of heating source, heat-radiating facilities, heat-transmitting facilities. The main accessories include furnace, transmission pipeline, circulating water, radiator and sorts of controlling or regulating valves, etc. 

⑤Irrigation System   

⑦Hydroponics System 

Hydroponic System of greenhouse applies the hydroponics, which refers to the means of cultivation that is equipped with the base materials, not natural soil, when plants are in seed-breeding period and that is fixed with nutrient solutions for irrigation after they are settled, preventing the diseases due to the soil frequently used and the physiological barriers because of the salt accumulation of it and meeting the needs of plants with minerals, water, air and other conditions. The base materials can be recycled, and the hydroponics is characterized with water-saving, fertilizer-saving, labor-saving as well as great harvest and superior quality, etc.

⑧Control System

Control System of greenhouse is a kind of environmental automatic control system that is designed for the agricultural greenhouse, agriculture environmental control and weather observation, able to measure a lot of agricultural factors such as direction and speed of wind, temperature and humidity of air or soil, air pressure, rainfall, solar radiant quantity and ultraviolet intensity, etc. It can control the facilities of ventilation system, shading system, cooling system, illumination supplement, irrigation and fertilization, adjusting the inner environment of the greenhouse to the most suitable conditions. 

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