DC 72V solar continuous farm aerator water pump

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Product Overview


DC 72V solar continuous farm aerator water pump 

Product Description



Solar impeller aerator is one of the widely used farming machinery in the aquaculture industry. It is mainly used to increase the oxygen content in the fish pond water and meet the oxygen required for fish growth and development. It has high oxygen-increasing rate and high efficiency advantages, also can solve the fish death effectively and quickly due to the lack of oxygen in the fish pond. It is an indispensable scientific fish culture, increase the breeding density, increase the yield per unit area of the fish pond, and improve the economic benefit of the culture. The breeding machinery has been approved by the majority of breeding bases and farmers.



The impeller aerator is composed of motor, gearbox, impeller, floating ball, bracket and motor cover. There are four models for different area pond. 750w and 1100w are most popular among them. The motor drives impeller to stir the water in pond, increases the contact area of air and water to expands the concentration of oxygen in water and improve the speed of oxygen into water. 


The oxygenation effect of the machine is very obvious. A radius of 10 meters enriched circle can be formed in water when aerator in working. Under the testing, water oxygen content and water temperature at 1.5m depth  will be consistent with upper water source when running about 80minutes.


Model List

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Real Application


1. Suitable for deep pond more than 2-6m, has a good oxygen transfer rate in underlying water .
2. In high density fish pond, increase production and improve economic efficiency.
3. Less parts, easy maintenance and assembly, long service life.
4. Can be used for industrial waste water or other water treatment projects.



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