Hangzhou Advance Light высокоскоростной морской редуктор HCV120 для коробки передач

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Product Overview


Hangzhou Advance Light High-Speed

Marine Gearbox HCV120


Product Description

 HCQ/HCA/HCM/HCV series light high-speed marine gearboxes are designed of power ranging 20KW-2300KW,ratio ranging 1.5-3.5:1

HCQ is with Cast iron housing ,HCM with aluminum Housing and HCA&HCV with down angle structure.These products enjoy high market share,are widely used on various yacht,traffic boat,passenger boat.Product design and manufacturing capability are in national leading and international advanced level.


Features & Benefits

1,Possess functions of clutch & de-clutching,speed reduction and bearing propeller thrust

2,Compact in structure,small in volume and light in weight

3, High rated input speed and high manufacturing precision

4,Good complete machine performance,low noise and small vibration

5,Match high-speed diesel engine,mainly used on medium-to-small high-speed boats

6,Apply mechanical and automatic control,realizing local emergent control and remote control of the gearbox

Main Technical Data


Input speed


Reduction ratio

1.509  2.016

Trans. capacity






Control way

Push-and-pull flexible shaft,electrical

Rated thrust


Center distance




Net weight



SAE  14 11.5 

Bell housing

SAE 1 2



Marine Gearbox  HCV120 is suitable for fishing, tug, and various engineering and transport boats.


Packaging & Shipping



Some Other Advance Marine Gearbox for Marine Engines We supply :

ModelInput rated power(kw) Input rated speed(rpm)  Reduction ratio
 06 4.4-9.2 1000-2100 2:1-3.5:1
 16A 6-24 1000-2000 2:1-3.5:1
 MA100 13.5-27 1500-3000 1.6:1-3.88:1
 MA125 30-60 1500-3000 2:1-6:1
 MA142 45-75 1500-2500 2:1-5.5:1
 40A 22.5-60 750-2000 2:1-3.5:1
 120C 100-250 1000-2500 1.5:-3.5:1
 135 100-200 1000-2000 2:1-6:1
 120B 66-158 750-1800 2:1-4:1
 HC138 110-275 1000-2500 2.5:1-4.5:1
 MB270 147-367 1000-25004:1-7:1 
 HCQ300 250-575 1000-23001-2.38:1
 300 257-591 1000-2300 2:1-5.5:1
 D300A 257-591 1000-2300 4:1-7.7:1
 T300 243-558 1000-2300 6:1-8:1
 HC400 331-595 1000-1800 2:1-4:1
 HC600A 480-1004 1000-2100 2:1-4:1

Besides,we also have GW series gearbox for low power marine engine.

Contact us and know more detail.

Company Information

 Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co., Ltd. is specialized in designing and manufacturing transmissions and powder metallurgical products, which is one of major high- and new-tech enterprises in China.


 The Company with the former name "Hangzhou Gearbox Works" was founded in 1960. Approved by State Economy and Trade Commission, the Company was restructured into a liability limited company with diversified state shares in 2001 and in 2008 the Company was restructured into a joint-stock limited company.The Company has been listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange since October 2010. Located by the south bank of Qiantang River, the Company owns 568,000 area, 2600-odd employees, 19 affiliated companies. The Company is awarded as "Leading Company in China Industry Area", "Top 500 in China Machinery Industry", "Top 500 Competitive Big Enterprise and Big Group in China". Technology Center of the Company was awarded as state-level technology center. The "Key Technology and Industrialization of High-end Heavy Gear Transmission" was awarded as Second Prize of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology.
Standing on transmission industry, relying on science and technology progress, core competitiveness is enhanced and leading position in theindustry area is established. Since 1980s, based on independent development, the Company has imported advanced foreign technology and realized secondary innovation. The products area has been expanded into 10 families covering over 1000 types, from single marine gearbox to ten types, thousands of products, including motive marine propulsion system, construction machinery transmissions, wind turbine transmissions, auto transmissions,agricultural transmissions, rail transittransmissions,industrial transmissions,  special products,powder metallurgical (P/M) products, and large-sized high-precision gears. 
The Company imported first class equipments, established complete quality management system and sales service network to provide clients with high-quality products and satisfactory service. "Advance" products are sold in 31 provinces and municipalities in China and 47 countries and regions in the world.
As the Chinese economy has entered into a New Normal, the Company will keep reform and innovation. Adhering to the Company Spirit of "Loyalty, Dedication, Solidarity, Top-Rank", the Company will grasp new opportunities under the New Normal for sustainable development with higher quality, efficiency and benefit. 



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