Floating Seal TLDOA 3180 Trelleborg Mechanical Face Seal Supplier

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Product Overview


Floating Seal TLDOA 3180


1.One set=2 metal rings+2 rubber orings


2 metal rings 2 rubber rings
size: 50-1000MM(id) material: NBR/FKM/Silicone/HNBR
material: fogerd steel or cast iron (Gcr15 &100Cr6)  hardess 58-62HRC/65-72HRC color: Black/Blue/Red/yellow/Custom
hardness: 60°-65°





2,  4 Types for your reference








Apply for all kinds of brand heavy machine: EXCAVATOR ,BULLDOZER ,TRACTOR ,TRAVEL MOTOR ,FINAL DRIVE ,SWING MOTOR caterpillars' articulations of construction vehicles, heavy construction vehicles and agricultural equipment , tunnel boring and underground mining machinery
track rollers of construction machines and mining machinery. the undercarriage of bulldozers and excavators
Various loaders and land levelers, cranes, mixers, mining machines, 
 Off Highway Mining Trucks,Shovels,Continuous Miners,Longwall Shearers,Wheel Ends,Wet & Dry Brakes,axles,heavy trucks ,tracked vehicles,Idlers,Rollers,Gearboxes,Cutting Heads. for aftermarket 


Our floating seals can be replaced for well known construction and mining machinery such as KOMATSU, CAT, Hitachi,Mitsubishi ,Daewoo, Kobelco, Sumitomo and Hyundai. Some models are listed below.





models part no 
PC200-3, PC200, PC200-5,6, PC300-7, PC400-5









  215B, 215C,215D, E200B,EL200B  

2M2858/5K6191/9W7216/ 9W7223,1M8746/9W7220

  EX200-1, EX200 , EX300, UH 07-5(UH081)   4110358,4060222/4110359/4512571









Hot sale OEM Part No .in market 




Part No.
MT4340  tzes100-250-a
CR3107  12Y-30-00100
CR3900  HB13-0062
CR3307  14X-27-00101
CR3750  170-27-00010
MT4330  175-27-00121
CR3767  175-30-00702
CR3770 17M-27-00102
CR3710  205-30-00050
CR3503  207-30-00101
CR3742 287-33-00010
CR3760  4153732
CR3310  8P1857
CR3606 9W6645
CR3515  9W6647
CR3850  9W6649
CR3700  9W6674
CR3840  9W6690
CR3120  9W7211
MT4350  9W7216
CR3830  150-27-00025
CR3242  7M0481
CR3220  175-27-00121
CR3260  175-30-00702
CR3208  205-30-00050
CR3870  208-27-00210
CR3344  20Y-27-00110
CR3319  287-33-00010
CR3860  4110369
CR3518  4114753
CR3525  9W6645
CR3776  9W7209
CR3779  76.97H-10
CR3621  TZ209-234-42BA
CR3618  YN53D00008S023
CR3800  207-27-00010       
CR3980  Cat 8E6327    
CR3810  AC 2037
CR3820  Cat 5M1177
CR3875  Cat 9W7202
KO4960  Cat 5K5288
KO4820  Cat 9W7209
KO4850  9G5343
KO4870  5K5288
KO4895  1627862
KO4900  9G5315
KO4930  1M8747
KO4885  2M2858
KO4945  1744874
KO4815 9G5319
KO4835  195-30-00302E
KO4865  1M8746
KO4855  170-27-00025
KO4825  5P7143
KO4840  1074889
KO4880  5K1078
KO4925  5P9121
KO4910  9G5313
KO4810 7T0158
KO4970  71400940
KO4915  4114753
KO4830 11102533
KO4860  11034825
KO4955  1M8746
KO4890  5M1177 
KO4920  5M1176 
KO4965  4K6049
KO4975  5p0991
JB5600  1p7249
JB5610  5k5288
JB5620  8p1252
JB5630 H-30
JB5640  H-70 4)
JB5650  586606
JB5670  586607
JB5680  592524
JB5690  592553
JB5700  76029105
JB5710  1103000085
JB5720  1302700010
JB5730  1302700020
JB5740  1403000040
JB5750  1413000610
JB5760  1502700015
JB5770  1502700025
MT4300  1503000035
MT4310  1702700010
MT4320  1702700020
MT4330  1753000900
MT4340  14X2700100
MT4350  1M8746
MF4200  1M8747
MF4220  20Y3000100
FL5420  22B3000030
LB4700 2M2858
LB4710  3S0303
HI1800 4K6049
UK5550  5K5288
UK5500  5M1176
JD5360  5P7143
OK5100 6Y0859
OK5110  7M0481
OK5140  8E5609
GZ0400  8P1848
GZ0415  9W7232
GZ0420  SG0430
GZ0425  SG3000
GZ0430  SG2500
GZ0435  SG2200
GZ0440  SG2250
GZ0445  SG192-1
GZ0450  SG216-1
GZ0455  208-27-00210
GZ0460  CR 1195
GZ0470  PC-0894
GZ0475  568-33-00016
GZ0485  568-33-00016
GZ0490  287-33-00010
GZ0495  287-33-00010
GZ5460  287-33-00010
GZ5800  TA-8404
GZ5805  TA-8404
GZ5810  TA-8404
GZ5815  4D4510
GZ5820  H 80
GZ5825  in6480 
GZ5830  CR3344
GZ5835 5k6191
GZ5840  213-4737
GZ5845 9W-9230
GZ5850   147-1660
GZ5855  114-1497
GZ5860  208-27-00210
GZ5865  154-27-00020
GZ5870   130-27-00020   
GZ5880  141-30-00616 
GZ5895  150-30-00035 
SA5595  170-30-00110




about packing  


part no on the seals and box.

Inner packing with plastic bags and box, outer packing with carton,wood pallet,wood carton.


About us 

Huangshi Rvitong Machinery Ltd. is a professional factory on floating seal, founded in 2004.


Our factory absorb the Italian GNL advanced technology of production as many years and


research and experience, we have a special system to reach different customers 




The inner diameter of floating seal is from 50-1400mm. Now my factory have two production


line: one is for forgeable piece, hardness is HRC58-62, worktime is 4000HRS; the other is


for cast, hardness is HRC65-72, worktime is 6000HRS. There are four different types:


stander type, XY type, L type and iron plate type.

Customers Design and Small Quantity Trial Orders are welcomed. We are doing my best to


reach your requirement in good service, reputation and faith for long and strong



We sincerely welcome you to join us.




Japan ,France ,Italy customer visit  our factory 



20141125-20141128  Shanghai Bauma Exhibition 






our company have high credit on alibaba.com . on alibaba ,we have do business for 7 years . 




so we have  25,000$ for your losing , that means if you place order on alibaba.com, any losing ,alibaba will pay to you .







this is our product on alibaba.com. you can see some figures ,7 years,25000$,




this service will help you to avoid any losing of order .


for the first business ,one small free sample avaliable for your checking.




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