Wholesale Hot Selling Growing Up Children Audio Books Educational Children's Talking Pen for Kids Learning English

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Product Overview


Product Description
Features of Books
8 Titles English Language Arts
Talking Pen with cute and smart design
Standard American English Pronunciation
ABC Letters with Phonetic Symbols
Musical Background makes study more fun
Clear and Loud Sound
Quick Respond
Vibrant Pictures
Soy Ink, No Harm to Kids
Large Memory: 8GB
OID Technology
20 Books with 98 topics and 60 songs
Features of Talking Pen
Made of ABS Material, Harmless, Damage Resistant
Function: Reading, DIY Record, MP3 Player

Wholesale Hot Selling Growing Up Children Audio Pen Books Educational Children's Talking Pen for Kids Learning English

Growing Up Talking pen and audio book set is an educational gift for kids who can't pay attention on study, good helper for work busy and non-standard spoken English parents. It is mainly for kindergarten, primary school, training school, international school, book store, library. 

Standard American pronunciation build a speaking environment for children. Also including listening, speaking, reading and writing which made easy to learn English as a second language for 3 to 8 years old kids. 

There are 8 titles of Language arts in this set will spark your child's passion for learning. Perfect to combined speak, listen, read and write into one set of books.

Away from phone, ipad and TV, our sets protecting kids from indulging in games and enjoying reading books. Study is have Fun!


What is the talking pen ?
*Talking pen using the latest optical image recognition technology and advanced digital voice technology developed a new generation of intelligent reading and learning tool. 

*It embodies the perfect function of electronic products and education industry, and technology to people-centered concept. 

*Talking pen have point to read, repeat, recording, translation, entertainment, and many other features. Fully mobilize the children such as the eyes, ears, hands, brain sensory system, easy to cultivate children's cognitive, literacy, talking, thinking ability.

*It read where the way through the point where, read in conjunction with the heard way to learn, improve your child's interest in learning, to stimulate the development of the brain. 

*Not only let the children learn the knowledge of integrated disciplines, and lay a good foundation for the children who enroll in school, but also contribute to the shaping of a child character quality to cultivate and improve children's intelligence and quality.

Features of Audio Book
1.20 books with 98 topics that will allow children to advance their English level starting from beginner to advanced comprehension skills.

2. Vibrant pictures, plus 4 cute roles and Miss Wits that make 98 topics more fun.

3. The 8 titles in the Language Arts section include conversation, vocabulary, phonics and songs to give kids an all-around learning curriculum.

4. The Smart Talking Talking Pen is activated as children go throughout each lesson to learn vocabulary, sentence structure and conversations.

5. Musical backgrounds and sound effects will give every child a unique learning atmosphere.

6. The books are printed with soy ink. Parents and children can enjoy in reading safely.

What help the talking pen could do?

1. Learning languages easily.
The pen equipped with different books for teaching kids character, words, sentence and so on.
It arouse the learning enthusiasm of kids' strongly by bring them to a magic sounding world.

2. Listening vivid stories.
The pen equipped with story books for telling kids stories.
It will improve kids speaking and thinking ability.

3. Enjoying music and singing songs.
The pen have MP3 function to play songs.

4. Playing Games.
The pen could equipped with book of game function.
Learning through playing, and playing from learning.

Detailed Images

QWhy to choose Growing Up series audio book?
: 1. Vivid picture and sound effect will attract the kids' attention on study.
     2.Music background will make learning easier.
     3.Let's sing can motivate kids to enjoy and learn singing songs. Also the singing accompaniment lead the kids to the right tune.
     4.Begins with 26 Alphabets with pronunciation exercise, easier for beginners to learn.
     5.Drama will link kids with family together and kids can gain more fun, knowledge and kinship from it.
     6.Addition to this, soy ink is no harm for kids' health.

Q: How to use the audio book with the talking pen?
: It's easy to turn on/turn off.
1.Press the on/off button in the middle of the pen, hold on for three seconds;
2.Then the pen will greeting to you and vise versa.
3.Touch the surface of the book to choose/change the series
4.After that open the books to point anywhere you want. Touch word, the pen just say a single word. If you want to read the whole sentence, point to the characters.

QHow about the principle of your talking pen?

A: Our pen use the OID (object identify) technology, the book is different from the normal book; it had added the hidden codes (like QR codes). There is a camera on the pen head, when it touch the book, it will identify the codes and find the corresponding audio files, then it can speak out the contents.

Q: If the pen is left at the "on" model, how long will the battery last? Will it be automatically turned off after a certain time?
: The talking pen shuts down automatically after a few minutes so it will not drain your battery.

Q: Can I back up the recordings?
: Sure! The USB port allows you to back up your recordings to your computer.

Q: Can I reuse the recording stickers?
: Totally! You can keep making new recording with the same stickers. Although, like any normal stickers, the stickiness will decrease if you keep peeling it off. In terms of overriding the recordings, you can do it as many times as you'd like.

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